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Another innocent civilian -- dead!

Mahone goes barreling into the hotel lobby and quickly determines that Michael and Linc have not checked into the hotel, but Dr. Sara sure has. He's got a room number.

Up in room 1006, Cooper is showing why he is a brilliant lawyer as compared to, say, Veronica: "I said [the recording] couldn't help you in a court of law. Maybe it could help you outside a court of law... we all heard the conversation. There's more to this tape than potential proof of Lincoln's innocence. There's proof of Carolyn Reynolds' guilt. Guilt about something she does not want anyone to know anything about." Right as Michael begins musing on blackmail, Cooper cagily covers his derriere with, "I'm an officer of the court. I didn't say that." However, if the fugitives wanted to blackmail Madame Evil in exchange for a pardon for Lincoln, why, that might workable. It's just too bad that right then is the moment when we cut to Kellerman, calmly setting up his big-assed killing machine and preparing to kill Madame Evil in t-minus two minutes. It is disturbingly hot to watch him.

Fortunately, that feeling gets squashed by watching C-Note fit the noose around his neck as he stands on the bunk. He sighs. We get an upward-angled shot of him standing on the bunk, the noose tied to the pipe running across the ceiling. Frankly, it reminds me way too much of the lynching photos that people used to snap as souvenirs, may those evil cowards rot in hell. C-Note whispers, "I love you," then falls forward. We end the episode watching him fall, not quite sure what happens next. And because of that, I'm not eulogizing C-Note nor applauding Rockmond Dunbar's remarkable creation of a complex character just yet.

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Prison Break




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