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Another innocent civilian -- dead!

Meanwhile, presumed Cooper wetly waddles into the serene wood-floored foyer of the museum. He tells Linc he's in the lobby. Linc directs him around the museum and through a white door in the basement. Oh, please tell me this is another building that Michael happens to know inside and out.

Across town, Bruce is proving his fealty by letting Dr. Sara know that he and Cooper Green go way back and -- surprise! The real Cooper Green happens to be in the office and bearing no resemblance whatsoever to the stern-faced guy Michael and Lincoln are dealing with. We cut to Dr. Sara quietly putting everything together.

And then we cut to the former presumed Cooper, whom I now dub False Cooper, being guided below the buildings (how is that phone getting decent reception down there?), grousing all the while.

We cut to Dr. Sara introducing herself and asking, "I trust you've met with Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield today?" Cooper Green chortles that he probably would have remembered meeting with two fugitives. (Sadly, we do not get a shot of the receptionist dying a thousand deaths as she realizes she's got Dr. Sara in front of her and no way to credibly alert the One World Conspiracy.) Dr. Sara bugs out as she asks, "If you're Cooper Green, who's meeting with Michael right now?"

I don't know, but he sure is cranky. He and Michael are in some sort of supply room. After some very restrained introductions, False Cooper asks, "Do you have the tape?" Michael holds up the (uncapped) drive and says, "It's right here."

Cut to Dr. Sara frantically calling Linc and telling him that the man Michael's meeting with is not Cooper Green. We'll have to wait until after the commercials to see if Linc acts on this information.

Commercials. Every once in a while, there comes a commercial block that makes me feel profoundly disconnected from this show's target demographic. And this block, with its ads for horror movies and X-Box games and SUVs the size of my living room? It is that block.

Well, what do you know? Linc is acting on this new information. He's running over to meet Michael. Good to know he's got a plan for getting around any One World Conspiracy goons that have staked the place out.

Cut to False Cooper nearly blowing his cover as he grabs for the drive, claiming he should hurry before the One World Conspiracy twigs to what's going on. Fortunately, Michael is suspicious and asks, "Where are we going?" False Cooper replies, "We're going to make sure that tape gets in the right hands." That is not the most trust-inspiring answer. Michael makes it clear that he is not moving unless he's got full disclosure: "This tape is my brother's life, and mine. And consequently, I need a name [of the judge you'll hand the tape over to]." False Cooper spits out, "Judge Scott Warren... he has no job to lose, no loyalty to Reynolds. He wants to see her gone, just like us." False Cooper tries to hurry things along, but Michael insists, "The judge comes to us. I'll set up the meeting."

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Prison Break




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