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(Sort of) Birth And (Sort of) Death In the Same Episode
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No previouslies, which is sort of odd since last season left us with at least one cliffhanger. But this show has no time for playing catch-up. It's too important for that. We open with a funeral scene, and a very sad and alone Pete. So it has to be Violet, right? We also see Naomi and Sam, standing together. He's wearing glasses, and she's wearing a giant hat. We get some weird flashing back to last season, with Katie cutting the baby out, and then Pete arrives and finds Violet. He's panicking, so he doesn't even notice the baby's missing until Naomi shows up and is all, "Pete! Pete! Where's the baby?" They call an ambulance. ...

... Then we're in the hospital hallway with Violet on a gurney. Everyone wonders where Addison is, and she shows up, so we know all will be right with the world. Pete wonders what Violet's blood type is, but no one knows. Addison tries to ask Cooper, but he's just feeling sorry for himself that he showed up and heard a noise inside the door but ignored it, leaving Violet to get all cut up. Pete tries to follow Addison in to the O.R., but Addison's all, "I am amazing! Let me do my thing." Or something like that. Pete thinks he should know Violet's blood type. Because you should always know the blood type of the person you decided to finally admit you like twenty minutes ago. Addison says, "Cooper," again, and then we're in a flashback, which we can recognize by its weird lighting, very non-glowy and non-Oceanside Wellness lighting. They must have hired a lighting stylist since then to give it that warm, orange glow.

Cooper and Violet are unpacking boxes at Oceanside, totally excited about this awesome new place they're going to be working! Cooper: "It has a kitchen!" He kept urine samples in a mini-fridge under his desk at his last job. Violet wonders what he thinks about Sam and Naomi. Cooper likes them for hiring him, but Violet thinks they're happy and in love, which is totally creepy. She thinks it can't be real, but Sam walks in right then and says it is real. Pete's with Sam, and Cooper (who has more hair, by the way; nice job, stylist people) tells him how great this place is, what with the kitchen! But Pete's not working here; he has his own infectious diseases practice somewhere. He's actually here to be a patient of Violet's, because his wife died four days ago. He acts totally unemotional about it. Naomi bursts in and announces the name she's come up with: Oceanside Wellness. I wonder if they'll stick with that name?

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Private Practice




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