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Back at Oceanside, Sam wonders what Bizzy's doing there. She's waiting for Addison, and Sam tries to tell her she's not here, but Bizzy says she is and she knows Bizzy's here. Sam asks if she's talked with Addison, and she says not yet; has he? He said he has not. Violet interrupts, on her way back to the hospital. Sam introduces her to "Addison's mother, Mrs. Montgomery." Bizzy asks Violet what she does, and if she's met her husband, the Captain. Violet shrugs it off, "Yeah, once or twice." Bizzy asks if it was once or twice, and Violet says it was twice.

Then Addison gets off the elevator. In her office, Bizzy says she was hoping for lunch and shopping. Addison hugs her, and Bizzy wonders what's going on. She says she's so sorry about what he did to her, but Bizzy's like, "Who did what?" Addison wants to have an actual conversation about what has happened, and they can face this together. Bizzy says it's not her concern, but ultimately admits Addison's wrong about her father. Susan has been with Bizzy for 20 years. She repeats it, emphasis on the "with me." Addison looks dumbstruck. Bizzy: "So, shopping, and then lunch?" But Addison makes her sit down, and Bizzy spills about the girl in boarding school and then on holiday, but how those don't count, and then she met Susan. The Captain knows, but they don't discuss it. Addison asks if Bizzy ever loved him, and why she married him. Bizzy says, "We're from Connecticut. My father is a Bradford Forbes." Addison wants to get this straight: "So, you're the cheating whore? Not him?" Bizzy gets up to leave, but tells Addison she doesn't know how hard it was. Addison thinks it couldn't have been that hard to order the housekeeper around, do charity work, and screw her husband every week. Bizzy says Addison has no idea, and she could have done things, but she did what was expected and married. She chose the Captain because he asked, and was nice, and wouldn't suffocate her. And by the time she realized her mistake, she had children, so she did what she could with what she had. She may not have been in love with the Captain, but she loves him, and the kids. So instead of doing what she wanted, which was run or slit her wrists, she stayed quiet and raised her children, who both turned out brilliantly. She says Susan was for her. And until Addison has children, she has no idea, so she better not dare judge her. Addison starts sobbing as Bizzy leaves.

Violet confronts Pete in the hall, and he says Betsey deserves to see her mother. Violet says that's not for him to say and he made it worse, but he's not about to be lectured by Violet, the child-abandoning adulterer. Dell comes up, with Naomi running after him, and punches Pete. Pete strong-arms him and says that he can hit him if he wants to, but he used to love Heather, and she deserves to see Betsey, and Betsey deserves to see her. Dell tells Pete to stay away from his family, and leaves. Violet asks Pete to tell her it's not personal, and he says, "Maybe you can condone keeping a child away from their mother, maybe that makes sense to you, not me." He asks what it does to Betsey if she doesn't get to say goodbye.

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