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Dysfunctional Families

At Addison's, the Captain's comforting Bizzy by resting his hand on her shoulder. He sees Addison on the balcony and goes to her. He gives her a drink and tells her Bizzy's very upset. Addison: "Is she? I'm so sorry. That's so sad." Addison asks him why her entire childhood was a lie, and he says they were trying to protect her and Archer. Addison: "Really? Because I'm a cheater. Archer's a cheater. We're all these awesome cheaters. So that's a bunch of crap." She asks for a good reason, and he says Bizzy's the love of his life, and she's been at his side his entire adult life. She's his everything. He says it's not her fault, you know. She didn't know, and when they did know... she's the love of his life, and it's complicated. Addison says being a lesbian isn't a choice, and she's not going to change. He says she sleeps with one woman and he sleeps with all the rest; so what? Addison's pissed that she thought Bizzy was this poor, pathetic woman all her life, and he's really the poor, pathetic one. She says she hated the wrong parent, and it's just awful because she hates them both now. She leaves and he says, "eaglets." 14 down: "Future hunters." It's eaglets.

Cooper gets home, and Charlotte greets him. He tells her about Dell, but she wants to make it about her, "I know everything's bad now, but you have to give me another chance." That seems so out of the blue during Dell's situation, I think. These are the most self-absorbed people in the world. Cooper yells at her to stop talking. He's tired of it, and he's tired of thinking. He kisses her and they land on the bed. Sam comes into his room, where Addison's in bed. He asks what happened, but she ignores him. He gets in the bed and rubs her hair. He asks her to talk, but instead she kisses him, until he stops her and says, "Not like this, not like this." She says please, but he tells her no a couple more times. She cries and rolls over. He lays with her and spoons as she apologizes. He tells her not to be. I don't even get what's up with this relationship, but it makes me want to throw things.

Sam storms into Addison's place and tells Bizzy, the Captain, and Susan to leave this house, leave this city, go home. Bizzy tells him he has no right to interfere and the Captain says it's okay. He says it's not, though; Addison's at his house right now and he doesn't know what's wrong, but they did it. Susan tries to talk to him, and he tells her this isn't about her. She says, "No. It's about them. It's their family." She says Sam cares about Addison, but so do they. Sam says she's her family, too, and he knows her better right now, so they need to leave. He says they're not going to push Addison to make this right. If they care about her, they need to leave.

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