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Come Rain Or Come Shine: From Grey’s Anatomy To Private Practice

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Come Rain Or Come Shine: From Grey's Anatomy To Private Practice

"And now, the broadcast premiere of the music video 'Breathe In, Breathe Out' by Mat [sic] Kearney," says the announcer. The song is your standard faux-Coldplay mood music, and the video is a montage of the various Grey's principals looking gloomily at each other, intercut with scenes of Mat-with-one-T caterwauling at an upright piano in the middle of a city street. At the end of the "video," he crawls through a crowd of people, lies down on the street and, apparently, dies. I guess no doctors are available to help him because they're all busy sulking about their love lives.

This is followed by a never-before-aired scene from Private Practice, which makes little to no sense out of context. The gals -- Addison, Naomi and Violet -- are watching their male colleagues interact with a woman they assume is a stripper (because she's with Cooper, I think?), and they're being sardonic, and it's probably entertaining in context. But hi, remember us, the audience? We don't know what's going on. Plus, it ends very abruptly, and not at the actual end of the scene. Gosh, don't be too generous with the footage, ABC.

So, there you have it: our official introduction to Private Practice. Sure, a real clip show would have been more entertaining; interviews with the cast would have been more enlightening. But I'm assuming People magazine is getting something out of this -- like exclusive access to the Private Practice set? First on the scene when Tim Daly starts choking Taye Diggs! Or maybe product placement -- perhaps the STD-related pamphlets in Addison's office will be replaced by back issues of America's favorite celebritainment magazine. All I know is, if these journalists and their "insights" are a prominent feature of the actual show, it'll be enough to make me miss Meredith's voice-overs.

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