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Come Rain Or Come Shine: From Grey’s Anatomy To Private Practice

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Come Rain Or Come Shine: From Grey's Anatomy To Private Practice

Derek tells Addison that "Meredith wasn't a fling. She wasn't revenge. I fell in love with her." A People editor asks, "What's Addison supposed to say to that?" And Addison wonders the same thing: "Am I supposed to just wait it out? Wait until it passes?" Derek feels that's a good idea. (There's that "give" and "take" in action!) On that note, we have an abrupt cut to one of those disgusting Domino's Oreo pizza ads. I guess the ABC folks didn't think they needed a smooth transition to and from the commercial breaks, since half of the ads are for Private Practice anyway. A typical sample begins with sirens wailing, doctors shouting, stretchers slamming through ER doors, as the voice-over guy intones: "The creator of Grey's Anatomy reveals the cure [dramatic pause]…for the common life." Cue the sprightly music! Cue Addy dancing naked! This show is gonna be so much fun!

While we're watching the ads, can we talk about how much I hate the full-screen Private Practice logo? For starters, it's dominated by an unappealing shade of orange (think dollar-store bronzer). Behind the title is a beachscape, and at its center is a lonely little hut surrounded by palm trees. Is it supposed to be the wellness clinic? Is it Addy's new home? Is it one of those nasty public-beach changing rooms with the stinky showers and the muddy floors? Who knows? And stretched across the foreground, in close-up, is a woman's torso (or a hairless man's torso? If it weren't for the visible navel, I would think it was just a series of dunes), all beaded with…mist? Sweat? I think it's supposed to look hot and sexy, but to me it looks cold and clammy, like the anonymous model has food poisoning. Which would be more appropriate, because in case you forgot, this is a doctor show, not Baywatch. The only explanation is that the ABC marketers figured, "If we show as much skin as possible in the promos, people will tune in." In fact, I'm surprised they put their prewritten enthusiasm into the mouths of fully clothed editors from People and not, say, Sports Illustrated swimsuit models.

Back to the show! Just when things were going...well, badly, Dr. Mark "McSteamy" Sloan appeared on the scene, all dressed in black, a visual cue that just never gets old. He will eventually claim he came to Seattle bring Addison home, but that doesn't mean he can't find time for a little action on the side, evidently, because this is the part where he hits on Meredith before he even introduces himself. She'd be skeeved out if she had any sense, but then, if she had any sense, she wouldn't be Meredith. I do love that, in this cut, Meredith's "Are you hitting on me?" is followed immediately by Derek's fist slamming into Mark's face. Now I'm hitting on you! And by "hitting on" I just mean "hitting"!

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Private Practice




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