Private Practice
Come Rain Or Come Shine: From Grey’s Anatomy To Private Practice

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Come Rain Or Come Shine: From Grey's Anatomy To Private Practice

Another ad for Private Practice. Did you know Addison dances around nude on this show? I'm not sure whether you heard about that. This is followed by a promo for the new season of Dancing With the Stars. I say we combine them into one monster hit: Naked Dancing With the Stars of Private Practice.

Back from commercial, McSteamy has decided to transfer to Seattle Grace, which makes everybody on staff take the Lord's name in vain, except for Meredith, who vomits. I missed this episode, but gee, thanks for actually showing the vomit as it spews out of her mouth, Grey's. So now everybody's talking about Webber's retirement and the race to replace him as chief, which is Mark's excuse for sticking around. Addison rehearses in the mirror, trying to decide how best to deploy her glasses of seriousness and hotness in order to impress the board. People editor Jess Cagle tells us, "She wants the promotion because it will give her a reason to get up in the morning."

An attorney walks Derek and Addy through their divorce settlement. Derek is willing to give up their Central Park-adjacent brownstone and the house in the Hamptons, because he feels responsible for the breakup. (He always picks the wrong moment to be a mensch.) His reasoning is, he had a full-on relationship with Meredith, while Addison had only a one-night-stand with her adultery partner. Except not. Cut to Addison explaining this to Derek -- "I was in love with [Mark]. After you left, we lived together for two months." She urges Derek to take the brownstone; he replies, "All I want is Seattle…and I want never to see you again." I think that's pretty reasonable, actually, but why would Addison leave Seattle? Unless…she has a long-lost, never-before-mentioned best friend somewhere that she could go visit…

Cut to Mark and Addy in bed. "At least now you don't have to feel guilty anymore," Mark says. She tells him to shut up. Then the music kicks in -- you know the type, the forgettable, wounded-yet-defiant girl music with the too-literal lyrics -- as Addison stands on the deck of one of those "ferry boats" I've heard so much about. After a moment, she tosses two rings -- her engagement and wedding rings, I presume -- overboard. This strikes me as melodramatic, even for this show. Girlfriend, dump the man, but sell that jewelry! Of course, if she did sell it, Finn would probably end up buying it for Meredith or something.

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Private Practice




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