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Euthanasia Euphemism

The doctors discuss Doug's homicidal/assisted suicidal moment over coffee and Danish in their break room. Violet is firmly in the gunshot-as-euthanasia camp, while Sam is more on the fence. Cooper thinks it was murder. He is so vehement in his assertion that love can make anyone a killer that Sam asks if Charlotte is still alive, which was actually Hee-Lar-I-Ous. The comedy is interrupted by Meg, who wants to talk to Naomi. Maybe she has another tick?

Charlotte bravely walks off the elevator into Oceanside Wellness. She ignores Cooper's protestations of elevator use and walks to Addison's office and demands advice. A woman is comatose and nine months pregnant! Holy Drama! The husband of Comama (see what I did there?) anxiously eyes the doctors during their examination of his wife. The baby is breach and since medical shows are meant for nothing more than freaking the shit out of expectant mothers, Addison makes sure to list every single possible dire outcome of a breach birth. The husband doesn't care because he heard about a woman in Kentucky who came out of her coma after going through labor and delivery. That's what he wants. And thus we have our Drama of the Week!

Addison can't believe that Baby Daddy is going to risk his baby's life to maybe wake his wife from her vegetative state. Charlotte helpfully adds that they can't make him do a C-section. Addison really wishes they could. If she had her way, every baby would be delivered via Cesarean at a scheduled time with as much medical intervention as possible. She whines a little about the unfairness of it all. Then Addison and Charlotte decide to work together to save the family (and Charlotte's relevance to the show) despite their unending mutual loathing. Addison gives the wife drugs to stop her labor (which I'm sure Baby Daddy was totally onboard with) while Charlotte heads to legal to try and force the husband to cut open Comama. Wow, that guy needs a midwife stat!

Sam and Violet walk and talk about Doug and his wife. I thought nobody walked in L.A.? That would actually explain why it looks like they are walking on a traffic median. Violet knows that Doug wouldn't harm his wife, but would help her end her pain. Sam knows that Karen wasn't suicidal despite her kidney failure. They both swear to tell the whole truth to the cops. Of course those truths totally contradict each other.

Meg and Naomi have hatched a brilliant plan to expand Oceanside Wellness's community outreach. Meg in her do-goodness managed to find a free clinic that has too many patients for their exam room capabilities. Meg is going to start seeing them at Oceanside. And she is going to let Dell shadow her so no one else has to pretend to care about his career aspirations. Obviously Pete is horrified that his ersatz girlfriend might be working with him. Yeah, who is excited that they get to work with their girlfriend? Nobody! Violet aggressively pushes elevator buttons and gets in a discussion about pent-up anger with a very helpful passenger who turns out to be interviewing for the shrink position at Charlotte's competing practice! Oh Mr. Helpful is going to love Charlotte!

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