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Euthanasia Euphemism

Violet runs into Mr. Helpful in the elevator again. She decides to cave and asks him for his professional opinion on the Doug matter. Once she explains how much she likes Doug, but doesn't like what he did, Mr. Helpful asks if anyone got hurt. Violet admits that someone did get a boo boo. Mr. Helpful suggests that she already has her answer. As the elevator door closes, Violet introduces herself. They shake hands.

Pete finds Meg and tells her what happened to him. How he has a dead wife that he hated. Hated! And if he could take back the hate...well it killed a piece of him. There are very few women he trusts and he is doing the best he can. She nods.

Sam and Violet decompress over the fact that one of their clients offed another client. Violet feels bad. Sam asks if Violet is religious at all and when she says no, Sam tells her that at church they light a candle to remember people. He lights a candle and he and Violet stare at it. Cooper wanders in and asks what they are doing. Violet says they are trying to forgive themselves and he asks to get in on it. Outside of Sam's office, Naomi and Pete watch the other three stare at a candle, which probably means the cable is out. Addison comes home to SWAT. He thanks her for taking care of him and now he wants to take care of her. She denies she needs help, but cries in his arms about the miracle she created. Oh, and maybe the mother she killed.

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