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Sam and Naomi make small talk after the long day at court and with pregnant twelve-year-olds. He asks her to go have a drink, but she already has plans. He says okay, and she says she's going out with Duncan. He acts like it's okay. She says, "So, tomorrow?" He says sure, and watches her walk off with Duncan. He is so nice to her, but he's clearly not happy. Unluckily for Dell, just then Sam sees him and a girl come out of a room tossing her underwear back and forth. That's what all the kids do after sex these days, apparently. Sam asks what he's doing, and Dell actually says, "Spare me the sermon," since Naomi's already preached to him twice. Sam yells that this isn't a sermon or preaching. He's telling him to cut the crap. He knows Dell's hurting, but that doesn't give him carte blanche to blow his job off or treat this place with disrespect. Sam says this is a top-notch medical practice and everyone will treat it as such, no matter what's going on in their personal lives. Dell says that Pete's on a date with a patient's mother, which follows him sleeping with a co-worker or three; Violet got knocked up, probably in this same office -- the same office where Sam and Naomi... But Sam interrupts and tells him to stop it right there. He says to take his ass home, get some sleep, and come back first thing tomorrow with a better attitude, because he has family who needs him here.

Music starts playing, as Violet sees Pete, his patient, and his patient's mom getting something to eat in the breakroom. Okay, really? That would never happen. I mean, who goes on a date in their work breakroom, no matter how nice the office. Lame. But Charlotte, who's waiting for Cooper, sees Violet stop and look on sadly, so when Cooper comes out to go to dinner with Charlotte, she tells him Violet's crazy, hostile, and needy, but she needs Cooper right now. She sends him home to Violet. That's very sweet.

It's stormy in L.A. when Addison goes to her front door. Noah's there in a sexy, gray long-sleeved T-shirt that's all covered in rain drops. He says he doesn't know why he's there, but he just couldn't... and cuts off. Seeing Addison so close to his wife's vagina must have really gotten to him. They have a steamy, steamy kiss until she pushes him away and closes the door. Then she just breathes heavily, all sweaty and in love. That's it for now, and it's on hiatus for at least a couple weeks. See you when it returns.

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