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Pete's asking a kid how he's doing. Despite the milk thistle Pete has him on, his allergies seem to be getting worse, and he thinks he might have to live in a bubble. The boy says there are no girls in his life, and Pete says it doesn't get any easier at his age. The kid's upset his mom hasn't dated since her divorce. When she comes in, he totally plays matchmaker and asks her to stay. Then he tells Pete, right in front of her, how great she is: funny, does Pilates, makes awesome meat loaf. Mom asks her son to stop, but Pete says it's okay; he likes meatloaf.

Violet and Charlotte are coming into Oceanside. Violet's hands are full of food, so Charlotte's carrying her coffee. Violet's upset about how everyone (including Sheldon) is looking at her like she's a pig for eating for two. Then Violet sees Pete talking to the patient's mother and apparently knows immediately that they're flirting. (Patient's mom is played by Idina Menzel... who is married to Sam/Taye Diggs in real life. Coincidence? -- AC) She stops, and Charlotte says she thought Violet was over Pete. Violet stutters that she totally is.

Naomi reprimands Dell for coming in at 10:42. She says she won't make an issue of it, since he's going through a lot with Betsy disappearing, but if he's going to be this late again, could he please call? He says sure and walks off. Cooper comes out and asks for Naomi to help with his twelve-year-old who wants birth control.

In the ambulance, Morgan tells Addison that she needs this baby, because it's the only thing holding their marriage together. She says that before she got pregnant, she and Noah were going to try things apart. She explains how losing the other babies made any other problems worse. And then she says this baby is their second chance. Right. Babies always fix marriage problems.

Naomi's with Sarah as Cooper's with her mom. He tells her that he hopes she's being clear with Sarah that she's too young for sex. The mom says Sarah's already having it, but that she doesn't trust the boyfriend to use a condom, so she's trying to be proactive by getting her on birth control. Cooper can't believe she's condoning this. But it gets worse: She is trying to keep it on her terms. The kids are allowed to have sex only in her house when she's there. Cooper asks if saying no might be better, but she works fifty hours a week and is a single parent, so she wouldn't be able to enforce it. She's trying to keep her from getting hurt, but Cooper says she's having sex at age twelve so she's already being hurt. The mom says Cooper's out of line. Naomi and Sarah come out, and the mom stalks off with Sarah. Naomi asks Cooper what he said, and he sighs.

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