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Soft music plays as we're in the hospital. Noah talks to Addison about Morgan's condition. She booked the O.R. Something about 26 weeks being late, but Addison says it's the best choice. Addison tells Noah that Morgan loves him and needs him. He knows. But he longingly watches Addison walk away.

Violet walks out of her office to see Pete saying goodbye to the single mom -- who has a very annoying way of holding her face, all scrunched up in what looks like a totally insincere smile, by the way. Violet approaches him after the mom leaves and asks how he can even think about sleeping with a patient's mother. She says it's an ethical issue, but he says it's none of her business. She tells him he's taking advantage of the young, vulnerable mother who can't help but respond to a person in authority. He asks if that's the only reason Violet thinks the mother might be interested, and Violet's sort of speechless, because she's also interested. Why can't these two just man up and make out, already. They clearly like each other still.

Pete goes to ask Addison's advice on ethics, but she says she's the wrong person to talk to right now. But he asks anyway, if dating a patient's mother is a problem. She doesn't know, and isn't about to think about it, because she's Addison and everything is about her. She tells him that she's about to operate on Noah's wife, and she really likes her. She says that their marriage is in trouble, and the baby's the only thing holding it together, and she's supposed to save the baby. Pete says she'll save the baby, because that's what she does, and he turns to walk out. She follows, though, saying of course she'll save it, but that's not the issue. He turns back and tells her their marriage is not in her hands, and if it is, it's already gone south. Addison says she's not a cheater, and he starts to walk out again. She says she did it the one time, but it's not who she is. She's not a cheater. Pete knows, so she asks him why she feels like she is, then. Um, because you are. Also, Pete is so glad he went to you for advice on his own problem.

Sam storms off the elevator and past Naomi, not telling her how it went. Luckily, Duncan's there to fill her in on how the other side went after Sam's practice, his credibility, and more. He knows he talked Sam into doing this, because he thought, "He's Sam. All that experience in front of a camera." Okay, am I forgetting that he used to be, like, a TV doctor or something back in the beginning? Or was it just going on TV to promote his book? I think it must be that. Naomi says he's a doctor, not a spokesperson, but Duncan wants to put him back on the stand if there's any chance to turn this around.

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