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Morgan's gasping in her hospital room, where she has tubes in her nose and a ghastly white face. She's clearly panicking when Addison runs in and asks what happened. Noah says a bunch of medical stuff, but all I get from it is that she has shortness of breath and chest pains. Addison says there are no signs of fetal distress, but then Morgan's heart stops. They call for a crash cart and Noah's the one who has to defibrillate her, snapping, "She's my wife. I'll do it." He saves her, and Addison wants to get her into an O.R. now. Noah leaves, and Addison follows him out. He mutters that Morgan almost died, that he should have known. He says he lives with her, because he wasn't paying attention. Addison says this isn't his fault, but he says it is, because he doesn't look at her or think about her anymore. He cares about the baby, but he doesn't think about her. Addison says he just saved her life. He yells at Addison to stop trying to make him feel better. He says he doesn't think about Morgan, all he thinks about is Addison, and Morgan could have died. He turns away and they both look sad. But this really doesn't make me sad.

Naomi asks Sam, who's sulking at his desk, if he's feeling better. He says he looked like an idiot in court, even though he's a great doctor. She says he is a great doctor, but he's not a professional witness. She's seen him convince an auditorium of people to believe in his book, so she knows he can convince twelve people that he's not a blithering idiot. (This episode is brought to you by the number 12.) She says Duncan wants him back on the stand, so he says he has to go through all the medicine on the case and memorize it. Naomi looks at him sort of steamily. Are we supposed to think she really does have feelings for him still? It's hard to tell with this show, because the way it's written and acted, you almost think any two people could jump into bed together at any moment.

Cooper hears a cell phone and finds the twelve-year-old left hers there. There's a text on it from a friend telling her that Bo thinks she looks so good naked in this picture of her. Violet comes in to tell Cooper how all she wants to do is eat and sleep and bark, and that she barked at Pete this morning, in fact. Cooper hands her the phone and says it's a text about the naked pictures of his twelve-year-old patient. I would just like to cut in to say that if you still go to a pediatrician as your primary doctor, you are too young for sex and being photographed naked. It's actually illegal, and in my state, kids are actually being prosecuted for possession of child porn. He asks if Violet still thinks mother knows best. He picks up the phone to call Family Services, but Naomi comes in to say he can't do that, because Sarah's pregnant. Right, so if there's another child in the mix, he totally shouldn't try to get the kids protected from the mother who condones sex at age twelve.

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