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Addison walks in to Morgan's hospital room, where Morgan mumbles that Addison should have dropped her as a patient, since she seems like trouble. Morgan says Noah was there until she woke up, but he wouldn't look at her. She asks if Addison talked to him. Addison thinks he just got a little scared, but Morgan thinks they should be scared together. Addison asks Morgan to try to get some rest, so they can do the procedure tomorrow. She leaves, and Morgan cries.

There's a young girl with a black leather jacket, holy leggings, a short skirt, and bleached hair texting on a zebra print phone in the waiting room at Oceanside. Pete and Cooper ask if they can help her, but she's waiting for "Dr. Parker." Cooper and Pete laugh, "Dr. Parker? Dell?" She asks if he'll be long, and Cooper says he's just finishing up some very important medical stuff. Cooper and Pete walk off and tell Naomi that the girl's waiting for "Dr. Parker." She goes into Sam's office to talk about Dell, who's late and playing doctor. He looks concerned about his files and says he has to go. Okay, maybe I can see why Naomi doesn't love him anymore.

Sam is now at the home of the doctor who's on trial, explaining that two years ago, the patient had a treatment, where he was given morphine, which was overkill unless he was allergic to aspirin. The doctor says he wasn't the guy's doctor then, and his chart doesn't say he's allergic to aspirin. Sam points out the page that would say that is blank, whereas every other page is filled out meticulously. Sam thinks Dr. Allen changed out the page. Sam says that would explain why Dr. Allen couldn't revive him -- giving him aspirin. The doctor says he had a barely responsive patient and no time to read the medical history. Sam says he could have testified to that, and Sam would have backed him. Dr. Allen says he would have lost everything, because juries don't care how rare aspirin sensitivity is. If there's one thing juries don't care about, it's that. He says juries would hear the word "mistake," and nothing else gets by. Sam asks if Duncan knows. He doesn't, because he wouldn't have put Dr. Allen on the stand to lie. He's too noble. He's a lawyer. Dr. Allen asks Sam, "Please." He wants him to speak fully and honestly, but they won't ask about that file.

Charlotte's sitting alone, eating, when her doorbell rings. It's Charlotte in a leather coat (and I'm guessing nothing else). Violet says Cooper's not back yet. Then they're sitting on the couch. Charlotte asks what the problem is, and Violet says Charlotte was right: She's jealous about Pete. Not because she wants to be with him, but because she doesn't want him with anyone else. She knows it's crazy and unfair. But Charlotte says it makes sense, given what they had and may have. Violet knows, but she says it's Pete, who she calls "sleep with the temp Pete," "sleep with anything Pete," and "I'm bad in a relationship Pete." Charlotte tells her that good people do bad things, but Violet says bad people do bad things. Violet would kill for some whip cream, so Charlotte pulls some out of her bag. Violet thinks that's pretty funny, as do I. Charlotte says that people change, for the right person. Then she says she slept with Archer when things were rocky with Cooper. She says that Coop knows, and forgave her. Violet says of course he did, because of his neurotic desire to rescue, which makes him susceptible to hostile dependency. Charlotte says she confided to make a point about Pete. Violet thinks she also might want catharsis from a professional, but Violet's not giving her that. Charlotte says if she need absolution, which she doesn't, she wouldn't come to someone who was sleeping with two guys and won't find out or tell them which one got her pregnant. Cooper walks in and says everyone's having sex, but his twelve-year-old patient is paying the price. Violet gets up to go to bed, but she's taking the whip cream with her. Cooper looks at Pete like he wants to know what's up, but she just looks at him.

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