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On their balconies, Sam and Addison talk about his troubles: The doctor did a bad thing, but the other side doesn't know about it. They know there's something wrong, but they're wrong about what it is. He says if they don't ask him, and he doesn't say anything, and Addison interrupts that they'll never know. She says she knows how he feels, but she doesn't want to talk about it. Or she does. But he can't tell Naomi, or say anything back, or make any faces. She tells him about Noah, and her feelings for him and his for her. She doesn't know if she's strong enough to stop it, or if she wants to stop it. She asks what, because he's just looking at her. He says he's not saying anything or making a face. She thanks him. He says having a conscience is brutal. Yes, the world would be so much better if we didn't have those pesky things.

Violet comes into the breakroom the next day and tells Naomi that her boobs hurt, and asks if she got sore, like really sore. She doesn't let her answer, though, as she keeps babbling about how she's eating the weirdest stuff. For breakfast she had tuna fish and whipped cream, which tasted amazing. She's just looking at things differently right now, because of her amazing joy right now until the baby's head starts grinding against her pelvis. Violet says Naomi's all smiley, and she doesn't want to hear about it if Naomi had sex last night. But Naomi didn't have sex, just a sexy dream about Duncan. She says it was nice in a dream, but he's one of Sam's closest friends, so it's too close to home. Violet says that she works with Sam, so how will she meet anyone who's not too close to home. As Pete leads the patient and his mom in, Violet wonders how any of them will meet someone who's not close to home.

Pete's patient has to go to the bathroom again, because Pete has needles in here. He takes off, and she wonders what's gotten into her son (Ben, by the way). Pete says he does have needles in here, which is not that funny, but she laughs and says she knows why Ben likes him. She asks if Pete has anything for stress and exhaustion, for herself. He asks about a nice long dinner at Casa Del Mar, which is both a prescription and an invitation. She smiles.

Naomi and Cooper are telling Yvonne and Sarah that Sarah's pregnant. Yvonne wants to know how soon they can take care of it. Sarah says, "Mom!" Naomi says there are a lot of factors to consider before they get to that point. Cooper tells Sarah he knows this is scary, and she shouldn't have to go through this at her age. Yvonne yells at him that Sarah's having an abortion, and he's like, "This is where you put your foot down?" So Naomi asks him to butt out. Sarah says she wants to keep the baby. Her mom hugs her and cries.

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