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Pete knocks on Violet's door, where she's sitting and relaxing like any good shrink. He tells her he asked out Ben's mom, and he doesn't want to argue about it so he's telling her. She says she understands. He says he's trying to do the right thing here, whatever it is, but he also needs to have a life. Violet says he should. He thanks her and leaves. She goes back to her nap.

Naomi and Cooper leave Sarah and Yvonne, and she tells him he needs to back off. So he leaves. Dell walks in just then, and Naomi's all "Good morning," but not in a way that says she actually means it. He says, "Yeah, yeah, I went out pretty hard last night." He felt like crap this morning, so he went back to bed and then went swimming. Naomi says this isn't him. He says maybe it is, since he's only 24. He says he's sick of trying to do the right thing all the time, because who cares?

Addison's in her scrubs, checking out Morgan before surgery. She tells her that her stats look good, so she will see her in the O.R. As she's leaving, Morgan asks if she's seen Noah. He hasn't come or answered his phone. She can't do this without him, so would Addison please find him for her. That is so not your doctor's job even if she's not in love with your husband. Ridiculous.

Charlotte storms in to Cooper's office and asks what was so important she had to come up here in the middle of her day. He wants to throttle someone, because he's all upset about Sarah's situation. He says he had to walk out of a consult so he didn't explode at Yvonne. He says he should have called Family Services. Charlotte asks if this isn't what he wanted: for Yvonne to step up and parent. He says yes, but she's dictating an abortion to a twelve-year-old. Charlotte asks if that's wrong, and he says probably not, but he sees what this is doing to Sarah and he finds it hard to forgive. Charlotte says he forgave her. For worse. I'm not sure if it's "worse." I mean, they are both bad, so it's hard to rate.

Pete's at the front desk with Dell when Ben and his mom storm in. Ben's pale, but the mom doesn't know what's wrong. He was having trouble swallowing, and is feeling dizzy. She says he's never had a problem with food before; it's always been environmental. Ben gasps that he can't breath. Pete gives him an adrenaline shot to open up his airwaves, as Ben continues to gasp. Ultimately the gasping slows and he's breathing easily again. Mom thanks him, and she and Pete hold hands. It's very weird, so I'm agreeing that it's inappropriate.

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