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Internal Affairs

Duncan's questioning Sam again, asking if Dr. Allen did everything he could have reasonably done to save the patient. Sam says yes, but then Duncan asks if he would have done anything differently. Sam says not given what Dr. Allen knew at the time. Duncan's annoyed, but done questioning. The other attorney asks what he meant by "given what Dr. Allen knew at the time." Sam says Dr. Allen was working fast, and was under a lot of pressure, so he didn't stop to look at the full medical history. He wasn't aware of an aspirin allergy. The family's attorney says that isn't in their discovery. Sam says Dr. Allen swapped out one of the pages from the file. Sam looks less than happy about doing the right thing. Duncan yells at Sam on the street, saying he should have come to him and tell him, but Sam says that would have put him in an impossible situation. Duncan asks if what he did was better. Sam says Duncan wanted him here as an expert, and he is a doctor, but part of people trusting him with their lives means telling the truth. Even when it's hard, he has to. Duncan says Sam should have come to him, and walks off.

Addison finds Noah sitting outside the hospital in his scrubs and a coat. She asks what he's doing, and he says he can't look at her, because she'll see it in his soul. He says in his heart he's cheating on her, and asks what kind of man he is. Addison doesn't actually know yet, since they barely know each other, but she pretends she does. She says his wife is upstairs about to have a procedure that scares the hell out of her. She's alone and she needs him. She says he's the kind of man who puts his own feelings aside and goes into the O.R. and holds his wife's hand.

Cooper watches Naomi talk to Sarah, and he walks in to an office to talk to Yvonne, who admits she screwed up. She says that now Sarah doesn't care what she has to say, because she's the baby's mother. Cooper says she's right; Yvonne can't force her to have an abortion. But she's still a child, and now needs her mother even more. Yvonne asks if Sarah will listen to her, and he says she has to keep trying.

Surgery's beginning in the O.R., when Noah comes in. Morgan tells him she didn't think he was coming. He says he's there. She asks him to tell her it's going to be okay, and he says it is. She closes her eyes, and Noah looks at Addison, who is operating on his wife's cervix. That is just so many kinds of weird. Maybe not for doctors, I guess, but it's totally weird for me. (It is not just you. It is gross. -- AC)

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