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lem in the first place with her own reckless freaking surgery. Addison's also against it, but the only one who matters is Charlotte, and she approves it. Addison takes off, and Vanessa follows to ask what Addison's going to do to stop this. Addison: "Nothing." Vanessa knows she screwed up, and Addison agrees. Vanessa says they're on the same side with this, but Addison reminds her she couldn't talk her out of surgery, so why should this be different? Vanessa says she knows Little Shepherd, and she knows the surgery's a bad call.

Pacific Wellcare. Fife asks Pete to overnight whatever study he's done to Naomi. Pete wonders why Fife's rolling around with a gigantic chip on his shoulder, so Fife fills him in: He slept with Naomi and then told her about William's ALS. Pete wonders why, and Fife's not sure. He wanted more from her and thought it was either the right thing to do, or that she'd be pissed at William for not telling. But, either way, she's gone. He rolls away.

Charlotte's telling the old guy with the uncomfortable pelvis that he has prostate cancer. She recommends radiation therapy, and he gets teary and asks if his "johnson" will still work after. She tells him about half of patients experience erectile dysfunction after, but there are things they can do to fix that. He asks how long he has without the treatment, and she says four or five years. He tells her it's been lovely talking and leaves. When she catches Cooper up later, he says she's telling a man he has to lose his manhood, which she can't possibly get, what with not being a man and all. Cooper asks if the guy, who's eighty, is even making the wrong decision, since he can just live the rest of his life on his own terms. She says he's in extraordinarily good health and has a woman he loves, and Cooper says he wants to be able to have sex with her. "He doesn't want to be emasculated, Charlotte. Why can't you see that?" Charlotte asks if they're still talking about Oscar, or if they're on Cooper now. Cooper plays dumb, so she says emasculation seems to be his catch-phrase for her. He says he wasn't talking about her, but since she asked: Yes, she wants to be tough and some people don't like it. She thought they were past this, but he says she brought it up. Blah, blah, bickering. GET OVER IT or stop talking to each other. I've really started to hate this stupid back and forth. Does anyone still care about this coupling? Or did we ever?

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