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Cooper's meeting with Oscar to tell him that he told Charlotte that Oscar has the right to refuse treatment, but he doesn't think he should, because he has a woman who loves him and should want to live for her. (What happened to the slutty oldsters? These people seem to be in committed relationships, which is so much more boring than if they were really just sleeping around spreading STDs.) Oscar doesn't like that people don't let you do things anymore when you get old, and so all he has is this one thing he can do for himself. Cooper says he doesn't get the old stuff, but he does get the sex thing, since he had the impotence issue for awhile. Oscar looks at him all, "A big stud like you? WTF?" Cooper fills him in on the fighting and the humiliation of not being able to perform, and how he treated Charlotte badly and pushed her away. He says he was wrong. Ooh, breakthrough! He tells Oscar he will get to be alive with treatment and will get to keep loving Nora, which is the most important thing.

Back in surgery, Sam's finishing up his part of the surgery before passing it back to Little Shepherd. She's upset that she almost killed her and the babies, and asks him what she's doing. He tells her she's doing surgery and needs to stop standing there and act like a surgeon. He asks if she can actually do this or if she lied because she likes to cut. She says she can do it, and he pep-talks her through it with, "Show your brother he's not the only Shepherd who can make magic. Thatta girl." Post-surgery, Kayla's still asleep, so Little Shepherd thinks it didn't work and maybe she shouldn't have done it. Eddie comes out and tells them Kayla's in pain. They go in and tell him it's not pain response; she's waking up. I can't tell who's more excited: Little Shepherd or Eddie.

Pacific Wellcare. Pete tells Fife to go ahead and send the study application thing, because it's good. Fife says of course it is; he wrote it. Pete tells him that was some pretty good game he was throwing last night (do people actually talk like that? If so, I never want to meet them), and asks if he got the girl's number. He didn't, because he's not interested in moving on. He'd rather wait for Naomi to come back. Pete looks puzzled. Or thoughtful. At the hospital, Little Shepherd finds Addison and tells her it worked, so she was right. Addison says she wasn't right; she got lucky. She tells her she could be a great surgeon, but she's not half as good as she thinks right now. And she says that as a doctor with far more experience than her. Little Shepherd looks sad, and Addison says that, as her former sister-in-law, she should look at that, the family awake and together. She tells her she did that, and should celebrate.

At Oceanside, Nora and Oscar are in to talk about treatment options, but they want to get some advice for after, too. Cooper's glad. Charlotte tells them to get settled in the room and she'll be right in. Then she thanks Cooper for talking to him and getting him to come back. Cooper says he's sorry for being an ass to her. She says he was, but maybe they can work together after all without killing each other. He says maybe they can, so she asks him for a drink after work. He doesn't think so, so she asks if he's afraid to be friends. He says he's not afraid, so she asks what then. His response, "I don't know." Are we supposed to get anything at all from this storyline?

Sam and Vanessa talk about how great it is that Kayla's awake, and she asks why he didn't stand up for her in the O.R. when Addison shut her out. He asks what she's talking about, and she cries and tells him to just tell her if he's sleeping with Addison. He says Addison's not a factor here, and she asks what that even means. Then she asks if he loves her, and he just looks at her. She cries, "That's what I thought," and leaves him standing there. Charlotte finds Sheldon and asks how a patient can be woken up from the dead and she can't even be friends with Cooper. He misses the point and says that if Addison's patient woke up, maybe she did the right thing after all by letting Eddie go in there with her. She says no, it was the wrong thing, but it worked. But the wrong thing with Cooper turned out badly. She tells him that Cooper got the patient to come in, but wouldn't have a drink with her. Sheldon says they worked together, which is a start. She tells him to stop getting her hopes up, and he asks her how long Eddie waited for Kayla to wake up. Then he asks her to have a drink with him, since they can still be friends. Awww. I sort of love this friendship, and Sheldon. He is so much better with Charlotte than Violet. Then again, who isn't? Maybe she shouldn't come back? Just a suggestion, Shonda, but everyone knows I'm right.

Pete's feeding Lucas when Addison comes home. She thanks him for letting her stay here tonight, since Little Shepherd's at her house and she wanted it to just be the three of them. It sounds good to Pete. Addison kisses Lucas naturally on the head as he coos, and she tells Pete that Kayla woke up. He thinks it's incredible. She hugs Pete from behind as he continues to look contemplative, apparently about what Fife said to him earlier. The doorbell rings and he says he ordered them some Chinese. He gets up as Addison snuggles with Lucas. When Pete gets to the door, of course it's Violet, who sweetly tells him, "Hi. I came straight from the airport." Then Addison walks up with Lucas and Violet's face falls. Then she gets her composure and says she wants to see Lucas. Everyone looks upset, although I'm not sure why. Did they just want Violet to stay away forever and never come back? That's just dumb. No previews, so I am thinking no new episode next week. Why is this show's schedule so erratic?

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, wishes Naomi would have come back instead of Violet. You can contact her at

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