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Rejection Saddens Vulnerable People

Violet is reclining on the couch in her office, staring at the cover of Cami's file. Just as she opens it, Naomi comes in and grabs it from her. Violet has a lean and hungry look. "I gotta know. Tell me," she begs. Naomi is sticking to her promise not to tell, and she won't give the file back, either. Violet tugs on it, and Naomi, tugging back, stoops so their eyes are level. She gives Violet a hard stare, displaying her dominance. "Don't make me hurt you." Violet lets go of the file, and Naomi holds the eye contact as she slowly straightens back up. After a pause, she says, "You're freaking out a little," jabbing with the file folder for emphasis. Audra adds the trophy for the episode's Best Line Delivery to her shelf of Tonys. Naomi holds the stare a moment longer before leaving Violet curled up on the couch, looking like a puppy who's just been scolded for peeing in the house. Vi reflects, then admits to herself, "I am freaking out a little." If you watch just one scene in this entire episode, make it that one.

Cooper's office. Michael's parents have come to report that their son is missing. Michael's mother's hair is almost as bad as her son's, by the way. It's sort of like Keith Partridge's, but less feathery in the front. I can't stop staring at it as the parents yammer on about how they tried to reach Michael but can't. Cooper offers to check the skate park. "Are you sure?" says Mom. "You've got patients!" Cooper looks like he's about to explain the Oceanside one-patient-per-day policy, but he thinks better of it and says, "Let's just find Michael." This will cut into his usual afternoon schedule of wandering from the kitchen to reception and back, but that's a sacrifice he's prepared to make.

In Addison's office, Rebecca's excited because she felt her baby moving. Maybe it was trembling at the approach of Charlotte, who enters with a woman she introduces as "Mrs. Hobart, Rebecca's mother." Mrs. H. is looking very Faye-Dunaway-as-Joan-Crawford, all pale skin and heavy, dark eyebrows, as she peers down her nose at her daughter. Addison tries to make nice, saying Rebecca's had a rough day, but Mom's not having it. "You have no idea," she replies. "Do you want to know how Rebecca operates?" "Shut up, Mom!" whines her daughter, flapping her hands. We don't know whether she actually is a teenager, but she's certainly committed to acting like one. Mom says Rebecca starves herself or makes herself sick so she can fool hospitals into admitting her. "Get her out of here!" wails a hyperventilating Rebecca. "That's enough," Addison tells Mommie Dearest firmly. (That's one part of her job she's very good at -- getting meddling family members to shut up and back off.) She coaches Rebecca to breathe deeply. Naomi enters with a file folder, which she wordlessly hands to Addison. Addy looks at it, and the docs all look at each other. "What?" Rebecca wonders. "What is it?" Sam says the labs show she hasn't eaten in days -- so she's been lying after all. "What a shock," snarks Mom. "No, I did eat!" Rebecca insists. Addison, resigned, says, "I'll make sure her contractions are gone; then she's all yours." Rebecca: "I thought you believed me!" Addison fixes her with a sad look. "I did." Rebecca, despairing, covers her face with her hands and says, "Oh, God!"...Which is just what a crazy person would do. Damn, this is a tough one!

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