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Rejection Saddens Vulnerable People

Violet looks out of her office and sees Cami, her rival, passing by. She runs out and taps her on the shoulder in maybe not the least threatening way. Cami turns, sees Violet, and follows her into her office without a word. If I were Cami I would be running for the stairs -- I wouldn't even wait for the elevator. But she's a braver woman than I. "Why are you here? In my practice? Throwing your too-much-sex-itis in my face?" Violet demands. Cami makes a "huh?" face, and Violet adds that there are plenty of other doctors in L.A., so why come to Oceanside? "Just to mess with me?" Cami plays dumb: "I just needed to pick up the results of my labs." "That still doesn't answer the question!" says Violet. Oh, now all of a sudden we're going to call people on their failure to respond logically? "He talks about you all the time -- I mean, all of you, how good you are," says Cami. "I wanted the best." Crazy Violet reinterprets this: "You're here to scope me out." Cami looks away, embarrassed, and Violet's all proud of herself for figuring it out, and I'm like, Wait, is this a Violet fantasy sequence? "You don't need to worry," says Violet. "You're, like, 2 years old. You're pretty. [She forgets to add "not crazy."] You're the Barbie Dream House. [The comparison to Barbie I understand --but to the house? Is she calling her fat?] I am not your competition. Trust me." Cami makes the saddest of faces and replies, "I wouldn't be so sure." Then she walks out, leaving Violet to smile in wonder. So much for closure.

St. Ambrose! Rebecca's lying in bed, looking sicker than ever (and with a brand-new hospital bracelet). Addison, Sam and Charlotte walk in, and Addy delivers the good news. "You have Crohn's Disease." I know Crohn's can be hard to diagnose, but how often do you think it gets mistaken for insanity? Probably not that often. Sucks to be Rebecca. Right now, Rebecca's ecstatic that Addison believes her. Technically, Addison believes the results of the GI camera study, but I guess we'll let her have her happy moment. Sam says the baby should be fine, and now Mommie Dearest walks in and apologizes. They embrace, and there are tears, which the closed-captioning renders as: "(Rebecca sobs) Oh. (sobbing continues)."

Sam and Addison return to Oceanside in triumph. The other docs (and Dell) are gathered in the lobby, drinking wine. "How'd it go?" Naomi asks. "Dr. Sam hasn't lost his touch," says Sam. The others cheer, except for Cooper, who's moping in the corner, and Addison, who makes a face and says, "You? I'm the one..." She gives in. "Fine. Dr. Sam is a god. Today." Violet, cheerful as can be, offers Addy some wine, and Addison blinks. "You guys are hanging out here?" Cooper says yeah, they've got red, and he could get some white from the fridge... Addison is disgusted and hurt, and I can't really blame her. But while I'd probably just storm away and go sulk somewhere, she tells them all off: She got food! A new grill! Heavy bags of ice! All to entertain her selfish loser coworkers who obviously have nothing better to do after work than continue to hang out together, and still can't be arsed to RSVP. She doesn't say exactly that; she says they're "like animals." But I think "losers" was the word she wanted. There's a stunned silence, and then Violet says, "...We're coming." Like that should totally be obvious from the way they're all sitting like lumps drinking wine in the lobby. Cooper explains, "We were waiting for you guys to get back from the hospital..." Addison looks chastened, but I don't know why she should be. Maybe she's just feeling bad about how her L.A. friendship prospects are panning out.

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