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Rejection Saddens Vulnerable People

At Addison's, Violet is trying to disguise her gleeful smugness with self-deprecation as she tells Cooper, "There is no way she's right. He is not still thinking about me." "Of course he's still thinking about you, you idiot," says Cooper, and Violet smacks him playfully. "You don't have to be mean about it." Cooper stops, turns to face Violet, and says, "You're hard to forget." The almost-completely-sincere tone and the way he's avoiding her gaze make Violet nervous. "Cooper," she says, hoping to snap him out of whatever mood he's in all of a sudden. It works. "What? I'm just saying, you are very loud, you have a lot of curly hair..." He trails off and walks away, and I'm guessing he's going straight for the beer.

Addison and Naomi are genteelly sipping wine beside a beach bonfire. Naomi's working her extra-pretty soft nighttime beach look again. "You have been pissed off at me all day," she says. "I was wrong about Rebecca. I'm sorry." Addison wants to know, "Why did you tell me that there was no hope for me to ever have a baby?" Well, Addison, that was before we were really sure what direction this spin-off would take... Sadly, Naomi doesn't say that (maybe the old Naomi would have!). She doesn't say anything. "I have two eggs left. Two!" says Addison. Furthermore, she looked at her chart and saw that her FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) is borderline. "It means there's still a chance!" "I didn't want you hanging on to something that's probably never going to happen," says Naomi, who must not know about Addison and Derek's doomed yet protracted repairing-our-marriage project. Addison has tons of experience with unrealistic hope. (Also, on a level of 1 to 10, how disappointed are you that Naomi didn't make a "don't put all your eggs in one basket" remark just then? I'm at least a 4.)

"You don't get to decide what I hang on to," Addy tells Naomi, who traces this sudden burst of determination to Sam and his "mind-body thing." "He inspired you to look again, to ask for more? That's his thing now." Addison says Sam made her feel "like there's hope...that I'm not alone." Naomi shakes her head. "You think you're alone? Look around!" Addy turns and looks up at the crowd of supporters gathered on her deck. Alone? Why, there's that jerky doctor who keeps coming on to you and acting like he's doing you a favor, and then blowing you off when you try to have a real conversation! And there's that receptionist who ignores you to drool over your best friend, except when he's trying to impress you by shouting out scientific names for the parts of the vajayjay! And there's that psychiatrist who doesn't really want to be your friend, but does appreciate the fact that you're almost as crazy as she is, and her friend the pediatrician, who invited everyone over to your place without telling you so they could watch Sam and his "surprise" through your windows! And all these immensely self-involved people set aside their nonexistent social lives to attend your party -- grudgingly, and only after allowing you to believe they wouldn't. I ask you, what kind of person would turn to infomercials for inspiration when she's surrounded by people like that?

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