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Rejection Saddens Vulnerable People

Speaking of the girl Cooper likes: there's Violet, pacing outside Naomi's office. Naomi finally calls her on it, and Violet comes in to ask why Cami Davis was at Oceanside. Naomi offers to tell her, if she really wants to know, which gives Vi enough time to get rational: "No matter what I say, no matter what I do, don't tell me. Because it's not smart, and it's unhealthy, and I should mind my own business." Naomi swears she won't tell, and considers referring Violet to a good shrink.

Sylvie enters Pete's office and says, in her smoky growl, "What if Stan doesn't really want to marry me?" The fainting spells started just after they got engaged, and she thinks they may be "caused by stress about getting hitched to me for life." Pete very politely avoids pointing out that "hitched for life" is maybe not such a scary prospect when you're 70 and diabetic.

Dell tells Addison he just "checked on our Jane Doe" -- the sickly woman. At first I assume he means he called a bunch of hospitals, which is what Naomi said he should do, but Addison somehow gets that he physically checked on her. "What are you doing checking on my patient?" she asks angrily. "This is not midwiff school!" I love how she can be mocking and indignant at the same time. And how she continues to find the word "midwifery" funny, even though nobody else does. Addison makes her own fun. Dell ignores the reprimand and says, "She's having contractions."

Sickly woman wants to know whether her baby will be okay. Addison says, "The medication I'm giving you will stop the contractions. Just focus on your breathing." She pulls out the ultrasound wand and sees that the fetus is small for five months, but has a strong heartbeat. "Nobody thought I could get pregnant," says sickly woman. "Not my doctors, my boyfriend..." Boy, you sure showed him, huh? "My body's been messed up my whole life," she says. "This baby? It's a miracle." I wonder if your boyfriend agrees. Sickly woman promises to do whatever Addy says. "I can't lose my baby."

Guess who's out at reception? It's the St. Ambrose chief of staff herself, Charlotte King, who cops her usual attitude when she sees Addison. "I hear you have something of ours." Naomi is immediately defensive: "She came here on her own!" Charlotte says the woman's name is Rebecca Hobart, and she's "going to arrange transportation back to St. Ambrose immediately." Addison tries to impose the well-known medical principle of "finders keepers," but Charlotte sustains the sarcasm as she explains that Rebecca is "a 5150," which Sam helpfully translates: "She's on involuntary hold?" "That's right," says Charlotte. "The patient you are aiding and abetting? She's straight outta the psych ward." Drums. Commercials.

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