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Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at Addison's! Naomi's modeling a dress that she hopes is "sexy but not slutty; smart but not boring." Addison thinks she's landed closer to "PTA mom bake sale." While Addy pulls a few alternative outfits for Naomi (from her own wardrobe? Or did Nai bring over a bunch?), she digs for details about the guy. But Naomi doesn't care much about details. A guy asked her out on a date, her first since college, and so she loves him. "I love him," she repeats, with slightly crazed sincerity. The doorbell rings, and Addison goes to stall Mr. Date. Instead she finds Pete, brandishing a bottle of wine as he invites her next door to play poker with him, Sam, and Cooper. "You're a little bit drunk," she notes. "And you too could be a little bit drunk," he replies. I think I like Pete better this way. On the other hand, hanging out with tipsy Cooper doesn't sound like a good evening. So I'm not sure what I'd do in this situation. Addison observes that Pete is "flirty," and tells him to go away, but he has another idea: he could come in, and they could "get to know one another outside of work." Nudge-nudge, know what I mean. "You're attracted to me. You admitted it," he says, for any new viewers who might have missed all the fruitless, charmless flirting that led up to this moment. Addison knows it's time to initiate the step backward that follows every step forward in their non-romance, so she says she's not attracted to Pete anymore and shuts the door. "You're attracted to me right now!" he calls from the stoop. Addison stands there for a moment, looking intrigued and annoyed. Then she reopens the door, regards Pete sexily for a second, snatches the wine from his hands, and shuts the door in his smug face. Ha! Naomi -- now in a sexier (but not sluttier) dress -- comes down the stairs and says, "What'd you do with my date?" Would that it had been your date, Naomi. Instead, Addison tells her, "It was my date. My unsuitable, flirty, drunk...oh-so-attractive date." Yes, but the key word here is "unsuitable."

Morning! Dell's running from room to room at Oceanside, setting the thermostat and distributing papers and cleaning up trash (the last of which is mostly in Cooper's office, of course). Naomi and Sam step off the elevator, and Dell goes into personal-assistant mode: he arranged for Naomi's coffee to be extra-caffeinated, in preparation for her "packed day"; he has her files ready for her; and he solved a stumper in her crossword puzzle. Sam watches all this with his usual sexy befuddlement, but says nothing.

In the conference room, the gals want a report on Naomi's date, which she says went badly, complaining, "I am so out of practice!" (She said "practice"! Drink!) Apparently, she went on and on about her work and scared the guy away with too much baby talk. Violet confesses that she had a date last week that was "a complete nightmare." What are the odds that she's talking about something other than her coffee date with Allan? We'll never know, because (surprise!) Addison has no interest in Violet's personal life. "Everybody's dating except me," she pouts. The men enter, and Pete says "good morning" to Addison, who ignores him. Ooh, if a girl ignores you that means she secretly likes you! ...In fourth grade. Naomi starts the meeting by saying she's got a follow-up appointment with Angie Padgett and her husband, Ray; Angie's ovulating, so now she needs to find out whether the fertility issues are on Ray's side. "I see that Marilyn Sullivan's coming in?" she adds, and Cooper says that the appointment is actually for Marilyn's daughter, Tess, who has injured her arm. "She did? Again?" Dell pipes up. Everyone ignores him, but I'll bet the Oceanside patient gossip chat room will be buzzing later. Sam says that he'll "drop by," because he has some samples of new medication to treat Marilyn's MS. Pete issues a general offer to pitch in, if anyone needs help; guess the quackery suite isn't booked today. Addison decides that she can't let Pete look like the generous one, so she says she's available to help, too: "I'm booked, but, you know, just all routine stuff." Let's see: translated into Oceanside terms, that would mean...she has to sign and mail some insurance forms by 4:00? Naomi takes her up on the offer -- "You want to help me get Angie pregnant?" -- thus cuing Cooper's immature line of the week: "Man, I wish that was as dirty as it sounded." Naomi's Cooper-coping strategy is apparently to pretend that he has said something helpful, because she goes on, "Yeah, being able to make a couple happy, that's the good stuff. You will love the fertility game!" ("You" meaning "Addison" there -- thank God.) So Addison says that she'll help out, and looks meaningfully at Pete. Not that I can tell you what the "meaning" is, exactly, aside from "What the viewers want is more footage of Pete and Addison smirking at each other."

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