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Naomi finds Addison reclining on the couch in her office. "He put her to sleep," Addy sulks. "He actually did it!" Why is she so surprised? All those scenes where she and Pete flirt with each other put me to sleep, and that's without the help of any Ayurvedic remedies. Naomi sits down and says, "Angie's here." Then we cut to a shot of Naomi from the back as a completely different voice, obviously added in postproduction, says, "She finally responded to our phone messages," very quickly, to fit it in before we cut back to Naomi's face. I guess they decided at the last minute that Angie's returning on her own was just too implausible. Unlike the other, much more plausible elements of this story. (Let this be a lesson to you, show: there is no substitute for Audra McDonald's voice.) Now that they've got her back, they just have to figure out what to say to her. "You said the baby-making game would be fun," Addison says, petulantly. She tosses some kind of decorative fruit from hand to hand as she pouts, "I am not. Having. Fun." Neither is Naomi. "It's not fair," sighs Addison, as they head out of the office to face Angie. "Good people should get to have what they want." I'm not sure Angie counts as "good people," what with all the lying -- but then, what am I saying? Addison's probably just talking about herself.

Angie says that she was headed for the airport when she got their message -- something about Ray? Oh, come on, is she really surprised that Ray tried to find out what happened at the clinic? Naomi tells her that Ray was there yesterday, looking for answers. "You didn't tell him, did you?" Angie asks. She's convinced it's best to let Ray think she left him, so that he can move on and be happy with someone else. "He's happy with you," Addison points out. Angie's still fretting about how she's going to get very sick and eventually die, and Addy confirms that this is so: "But the bigger truth -- the better truth -- is that you are alive now...and you should get everything that life has to offer." That includes a family, she says: "Just because you're sick doesn't mean that you don't get to live your life." Hey, Addison's getting pretty good at this connecting-with-patients thing! She urges Angie to tell Ray the truth, and concludes, "A person should get to have a whole life."

I guess Sam never helped Cooper to get dressed, because now Violet's in his office, putting a tie around his neck. He suspects that it might be an Allan castoff, but she says that she bought it just for Coop. Any romantic hope that this might have given him is dashed when Violet adds satirically, "Today you become a man."

Cooper is sitting and admiring his tie at the courthouse when Tess approaches to ask, "What are you going to say?" "I'll tell you if you roll up your sleeves," he says. Don't take the deal, Tess! Remember what happened the last time Cooper made a "pact" with a kid. Sullen Tess says, "So whatever. She hits me a little." She's always sorry later, and she can't help it because she's sick, blah blah rationalizationcakes. "Everyone has pain," Cooper tells her, and she counters effectively with "So why can't this just be mine?"

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