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What's Gonna Work? Teamwork!

Naomi, still wrapped in her cozy blanket, finds Dell straightening things up in the kitchen and says she heard from Sam how he "helped with Tess." She begins, "If you ever want to talk, or need some help..." But that's not what Dell wants from Naomi, and we all know it. She comments on all his hard work at Oceanside. Dell thinks she's the most important part: "Your dream is what started it in the first place." "And Sam's," Naomi reminds him. Dell gets close and whispers, "But I do it for you." He walks away, and Naomi looks like, at this moment, she just might be taking him seriously.

Addison goes out to the beach to flirt with Pete, repeating Charlotte's comment about his "good hands." She giggles. How many margaritas did she have? Pete says, "What?" And Addison kisses him. He's not inclined to ask any more questions, so they make out until they're interrupted by Sam, who always manages to show up at the wrong moment. "It's okay, I was just, um..." Addison says. "Having some fun?" Pete teases. His smirk snaps her out of her sexy mood. "I don't want fun," she says, "and a person should get what she wants. Good night, Pete." She walks away, smiling that smug Addison smile, leaving him frustrated once again. "You in it now, man," Sam taunts. Looks like we all are.

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Private Practice




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