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Dr. Freedman is parked on the couch in Violet's office. "Move it, Coop," says Violet. "There's people who actually pay me to lie on that couch." Now this is the moment when Cooper ought to say, "I wish that were as dirty as it sounded." But he's too wrapped up in reviewing Tess Sullivan's medical records. He's found a long history of falls and accidents, and one previous arm fracture that looks like it was deliberately inflicted. Violet observes that when a child is being abused, the abuser is usually the adult in the house. Coop protests that everyone loves Marilyn, but ultimately he knows what he has to do: "I have to call Child Protective Services to protect my patient from Sam's patient."

Pete returns to his office and cracks the door. The captions identify what we hear as "New Age music playing," and I'm pretty sure what I just heard was the sound of thousands and thousands of monks turning over in their monastery crypts. He tiptoes in, and Charlotte says, "You're afraid of killing people, aren't you?" She's come to this conclusion while lying there awake. "Okay, look, it's almost 6 o'clock," says Pete. Whoa, fastest day ever! Or is he just saying that to get rid of her? She's been awake for days, so she's probably easy to fool. He says that he'll send her home with "a CD of music and meditation," which Charlotte should try tonight. "Great, next you'll be giving me Baby Einstein," grouses Charlotte. Listen, Char, I expect that kind of nonsensical rejoinder from everyone else on this show, but you? Even sleep-deprived, you can do better. She takes the CD and leaves, her face still covered in magnets.

Sam refuses to entertain the notion that Marilyn is hurting Tess. Cooper says that he's checked to make sure she's not getting bullied at school, and that he doesn't think Marilyn is above suspicion, no matter how much Sam likes her. Sam says that they can't mess up the Sullivans' home life "on a hunch," with Marilyn "two years away from a wheelchair." Cooper says that they can't wait. "If you're not sure," shouts Sam, "you're meddling, not helping." Coop walks out.

Sunrise over L.A. Dell does his rounds at the clinic, and is surprised to find Cooper at his desk (unshaven, and surrounded by the usual take-out trash). When Dell leaves, Cooper picks up his phone, dials a few numbers, hangs up, thinks for a moment and dials again. A recording announces that he has reached the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services Child Protection Hotline.

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