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Addison goes on about Angie and how it's just not fair, because "she was living the dream," and Vi, feeling contrary, says, "Not everybody has that dream." Cooper informs Addison that "Violet doesn't believe in children," and then wins my heart by clarifying, "She acknowledges they exist -- because they scream in her restaurants," but she doesn't believe she's meant to have kids of her own. Naomi says that she felt that way pre-Maya, but now she's loving being a mother, and Addison presses Violet: "You really don't want children?" Violet loses her patience. "Look! Not everybody is cut out for it! And it is incredibly hard for a woman to admit that she doesn't want kids!" Easy now, Vi. Addison didn't get all defensive when you kept bugging her about "being from Connecticut." ["Also: not that hard. I've been saying I didn't want kids since I was fourteen." -- Wing Chun] Charlotte, still at the fridge, pipes up: "'Cause they're basically admitting they're men?" This gets Violet's goat. "Okay, no," she says. "Just because you've apparently moved in" -- appreciative snickers from the Oceanside crew -- "A woman can be alone and be fulfilled. Very." Charlotte gives her that withering chief-of-staff look and says, "Try saying that like you mean it." More laughs all around. I don't care what contrivance brings her here; we need Charlotte around to stir up shit all the time. Dell comes in to announce that Angie's set up in the exam room, and "the Sullivans, from yesterday? They're back, and they're very angry." Sam gives Cooper a look: "I asked you to wait." Dell says, "He did the right thing, Sam," and Sam shouts, "You don't know that!" That'll teach Dell to speak out of turn.

In Sam's office, Marilyn is limping around, angry about the social worker in her home. Cooper says that he had a legal obligation to notify the authorities. "But you're wrong!" yells shrill, teenage Tess. "What does he think -- the handicapped woman beats her daughter with a cane?!" yells Marilyn. Now Cooper addresses Tess, saying that he knows she didn't fall off a curb, and she comes up with a better story: Mom had "a flare" and fell, grabbing Tess's arm and tweaking it in the process. Mom repeats this, and says that they didn't say so in the first place "because people like Dr. Freedman get the wrong idea." Dr. Freedman wants to know whether people have been suspicious in the past, and Tess blows up: "My mom would never hurt me on purpose! She wouldn't!" "She's my whole world," Marilyn pleads. "If they take me away from her, I won't forgive you," says Tess from behind her long sullen-teen hair. "Not ever." And she'll write cutting poems about you on her LiveJournal, and she won't let you borrow her Avril Lavigne CDs even if you really want to, so there.

As Addison draws Angie's blood, they bond by talking baby names. Angie goes for classy and timeless, expressing a fondness for "Margaret" and "Henry," but Addison's more of a late-night talk-show-host type. "I like Carson," she says. "It works for a boy or a girl." Angie chuckles politely, but you can tell she's thinking, "That...depends on how you define 'works.'"

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