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After the ad, Pete's following Violet down the hall, listing the many therapies that have failed to put Charlotte to sleep. "I can tell it's not working because she's still bitching at me," he says, grabbing Violet's arm. "Charlotte needs a shrink." Violet agrees with that, but she still wants to call not-it. Too bad, says Pete: "This is co-op medicine, and I'm referring. You need to co-op."

So Violet and Charlotte sit down for a very awkward therapy session. Violet opens by claiming, "Ninety percent of sleep issues are psychological." Charlotte, looking even worse than before, has her arms crossed over her chest, conveying exactly how thrilled she is to be here. Violet asks whether she tosses and turns in her sleep, and Charlotte sneers, "How would I know? I'm asleep." Violet holds her temper and says, "That's where a partner could be helpful." Which is a really professional way of saying, "Damn, honey, you need to get laid." She asks when was the last time Charlotte slept with someone else, and Charlotte responds that it was "years ago." Violet softens a bit (thinking, "Aha! Knew it!") and asks, "So you haven't had sex in..." Charlotte corrects her: she does have sex, but her partners don't sleep over. "Ever?" Violet wonders, and Charlotte snaps, "Are you asking because you're interested in my well-being, or because you're secretly thrilled to find someone who's as alone as you are?" Zing! I get cranky when I don't sleep, too, but man, that's cold. And it gets a temporary rise out of Violet, who starts to detail all the ways in which she's "fine" before she catches herself and turns her focus back to Charlotte's sleep issues.

The elevator dings in the lobby, and Ray enters in a hurry. "How's Angie?" Addison asks, and Ray says that she left him.

Quick cut to Addison's office, where a shattered Ray tells Addy and Naomi that he came home and found Angie packing her bags, and all she told him was that her appointment at the clinic was "a wake-up call." He's understandably baffled and hurt: "What the hell did you say to my wife?!" Addison gives Naomi a look, and we cut away before the docs figure a way out of this one.

Pete's in his office, making a concoction out of what looks like lemon curd. Mmm. "It smells like Christmas in here," says Violet, walking in, and Pete tells her he's making "an Ayurvedic sleep remedy" for Charlotte. Violet hands over Charlotte's file and tells Pete she's uncovered "intimacy issues. Severe. She tries to alienate anybody who might get close, even people she asks for help." She's guessing that Charlotte has never been nurtured or taught to "self-soothe." Ooh, does Charlotte need to be Ferberized? That would be an awesome episode. They could do it all in one take, like they did on Mad About You, with Addison and Pete flirting and bickering outside the office while Charlotte cries herself to sleep inside. "Nurture her, Pete," advises Violet. "Be kind."

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