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Addison and her atrocious looking smoothie go to find Dell. He is cleaning up his office. Addison bitchily tells him that she doesn't want him to use that space, but does want him to get Number 1 and Number 2 back in the office that day. Dell claims he can make the office work, but Addison tells him to clear out. Especially because he won't tell her why it is so urgent. Does she even realize how bitchy she is?

Sam goes to Naomi's office to talk about the whole dating thing. Naomi doesn't care. She has discovered that Frances may not have Alzheimer's at all! She might have MPH instead. Sam points out that an MPH diagnosis has the same effect as Alzheimer's. Naomi claims to have heard of a study where they drain spinal fluid and reduce pressure, resulting in moments of clarity in MPH patients. If Frances had clarity she would tell Billy Dee to put her in a home. Sam is doubtful. Isn't Naomi a fertility doctor? Does she read about spinal drainage for fun?

Dell announces that Number 1 and Number 2 are both back at the clinic. How on earth would he schedule that so quickly? I have friends I haven't seen in four months who live six blocks away and we can't figure out our schedules enough to get coffee. Yet these two women have nothing better to do than make repeat trips to the doctor's office? Number 1 has been there three times! And what is he telling these women to get them back in? Dell sticks Number 2 in one exam room and Addison steers Number 1 in there, too, claiming she wants Number 1 to have all the necessary information to make an informed decision. She pretends there has been some sort of double-booking on the exam rooms and leaves them alone to sort out the error. Pete figures out what she is doing. Moments later, Number 2 comes storming out of the exam room. How on earth did they figure out they were married to the same man in ten seconds flat? And if you did figure it out, wouldn't you want to stick around and ask more questions to make sure? Whatever. Pete asks Addison, "What did you do?" Addison justifies her actions because she didn't say anything. Who is she, Jan Brady? Pete yells that she overstepped boundaries. And, um, yeah. Have you met Addison before? She does nothing but overstep. Remember last week? When she talked the teenage father out of having a kid with his dying wife? Pete yells for a while, but when Wesley comes in, he gets out of the way. I wonder which wife called Wesley? Or was he in the parking lot with one wife and ducking the other? Wesley is outraged that Addison would do this to him. He loves them both! He married them both because he wanted to do the right thing. Addison tells him that he is cheating on two women and cheating ruins lives. Wesley gets quiet when he tells Addison that he is not the one who ruined lives today.

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Private Practice




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