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Cooper rushes to Violet's office to share the drama. I'm glad they are friends again, but I wish Amy B had better plots. Violet thinks the drama is sad, but Cooper thinks it is amazing. Cooper apologizes for not being more upfront about Charlotte. At the mention of the c-word, Violet walks out of her own office.

Addison and SWAT unwind with a little vino after work. Addison is shocked to learn that SWAT (and his stupid t-shirt) provide the alibis for guys stepping out on their wives. That does not sit will with Miss Moral Majority. She blinks a lot, sits up straighter, and crosses her arms and legs. He asks if she wants to talk about last night, but she doesn't. His phone buzzes and he has to go. When he heads off to grab his coat, Addison checks his call log. Someone named Leslie called five times. Leslie? Or Pat? Or Stef? Or Taylor? Whatever Addison, don't be such a girl.

Naomi reports to Sam that she got Billy Dee to agree to the spinal drainage. Sam is unimpressed. For some reason he is convinced that Naomi wants to do the procedure for her own benefit. I honestly have no idea what he is talking about. As he angrily gets in the elevator, Naomi's phone rings. It's Addison. She has lost her freaking mind. After checking his call log she decided to follow SWAT to work. She thought her concerns were justified when he came tearing out of the police station in a van. Naomi wisely suggests that maybe he is working. Despite the fact that the van is really really obviously a SWAT van, Addison isn't so sure. She is still following the van when it puts its police lights on, and it finally dawns on her that he really might be working. Before she can drive off in silent humiliation, her car is surrounded by cops. She is ordered out of the car and handcuffed for obstructing justice, which is typically a civil and thus non- handcuff-able offense. SWAT finally notices her and Addison tries to play it cool, which is pretty much impossible at this point, what with being pushed up against the car and handcuffed. I hate embarrassing television. It is just too hard to watch!

Despite the fact that her boyfriend can vouch for her non-terrorist tendencies, Addison is still handcuffed and locked in the back of a police car. Maybe SWAT is teaching her a valuable lesson. He gets in the front of the car and demands to know why she followed him. She explains that after meeting her normal-looking bigamist patient, she freaked. She checked his Blackberry, saw the calls from Leslie and decided to check her out. SWAT points out the very obvious fact that Leslie is a man. Addison makes a D'oh! face, but can't come up with a good answer when SWAT asks why she is looking for reasons not to trust him. He kicks her out of the car, unhandcuffs her and sends her away.

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