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At work the next day Addison complains to Naomi that her boyfriend thinks she's a psychotic bunnyboiler. Heh. I was totally going to say that. Addison admits that she screwed up. Speaking of screwing up, Pete has brought Number 1 and Number 2 together again. Why would they agree to come in again? Especially right after they found out about their cheating husband? Number 1 doesn't even go to that doctor's office! Why would she come back after Addison's stunt? I do not know. I give up. I am throwing up my hands in defeat. This storyline has so many gaps in logic that I am not even going to pretend to make sense of it all. I'm just going to report what happens. Anyway, Number 1 feels sick, Number 2 feels guilty. Pete wants them both to know that neither of them did anything wrong. It's all Wesley's fault! Pete wants them to find their common ground. Their kids will be siblings! They have to be BFF to make the holidays workable. Number 2 is worried because she is not sure she can handle a medically challenged special-needs child by herself. Surely Number 1 will help out, right? Why wouldn't she! She'll already have two kids of her own, why not help her husband's other child in her spare time? It's her kids' half-sibling, surely she'll want to be involved in its life. Just like on Brothers & Sisters. All the drama makes Number 1's water break.

In the operating room Billy Dee is in scrubs and holding Frances's hand while Naomi drains spinal fluid. He isn't sure he made the right choice, but he really wants Frances to see him and recognize him. He just loves her so darn much!

Number 1 is eight centimeters dilated. She wants her husband, but not really, but she doesn't want to be alone. Hmm...I wonder what is going to happen?

Violet finds Charlotte on the fourth floor. Violet posits that Charlotte is as scared as Cooper that the relationship is turning serious and she is trying to sabotage it. Charlotte scoffs that Violet isn't half the therapist she thinks she is. Violet walks off to tell Cooper the truth.

Frances isn't responding to the procedure and while Billy Dee holds her hand and sighs, Sam and Naomi watch from the doorway. Naomi reminds him that they just wanted to try, but they weren't sure it would work. Billy Dee starts talking to Frances about the day last fall when she forgot him. Naomi then decides to pretend to be Frances's sister so she can boss her around. She asks Frances to wake up because she has to help her husband. In a moment straight out of the Hallmark Christmas Special, Frances wakes up just as everyone was giving up hope. She is lucid enough to know that she is sick and has been taxing Billy Dee's energy. He does look awful. She tells him to put her in a nursing home. She makes him to promise to visit her every day. He promises.

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