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Indecision 2009

Violet's office. She arrives and Pete's there. He tells her he's given her space and time, taken care of their son, quit his job to make it easier. But she hasn't moved past it. He says she had a chance today to make a huge step at moving past it by making Katie pay for what she did to her. She nods in agreement, and he wonders what that was. She asks if he wanted her to lie, and he says Katie's always going to be dangerous, and she'll make someone else believe she's okay and could do this again, which is unacceptable. "After what she did to you, you help her?" She says she didn't do it for Katie; she did it for her. He says what Katie did was unspeakable, and she needs to stay locked up. He starts crying, and Violet says, "Oh my God. I've been so in my head, I didn't realize that it happened to you, too." She says she's not the only victim; he's one, too. She tells him how sorry she is and walks toward him. She says Katie took something from him, too. She took Violet from him. She's sorry. He tells her not to be sorry; just come back to him. She cries. He finishes, "You have to come back to me, okay? Just come back." He leaves, and she watches him, her eyes filled with tears.

Addison and Naomi are on her balcony drinking wine, saying they couldn't be as forgiving as Violet. Addison thinks it has to be a positive step for Violet, though. Naomi wonders if Violet will get back to normal, and Addison hopes so but says it won't be the old normal. Naomi asks what is, and Addison says nothing lately. Naomi transitions, "Which raises the question: Charlotte King? Really?" Addison says Naomi's hard to replace, and then, "She has some interesting sex toys." Naomi laughs. Then we're back at the office with Charlotte, when Sam comes in and apologizes for saying he doesn't like her. She asks if he's sorry he doesn't like her or sorry he said it. He says Cooper likes her, and then he stutters around and repeats he's sorry. She says she doesn't need everyone to like her, but she's here. She asks if he's on board with that, and he welcomes her to the practice. End title card.

Next week: Addison becomes a crazy cat lady. Honesty isn't the best policy, but it's freeing for Violet. Naomi yells at someone to "Shut up. You stupid jerk." And the patient of the week wants to die. She has a secret that will shock them all, and Pete tells Violet he'll get the truth if she won't.

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