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Indecision 2009

In the lobby, Jackie from last season's finale (who's there with Jane again) starts screaming when she sees Naomi, because she was supposed to have left the practice, as they were promised since she accidentally switched their embryos and all -- or at least took the fall for it. She tells Jackie to step off because she doesn't work here anymore. Jane tells Jackie to calm down, and she starts to as Naomi leaves. They tell Addison the appointment is because the obstetrician thinks there might be something wrong with "the baby." When Addison asks which one, both women say, "Mine." Jackie explains it's the child she's carrying, which is Jane's son, and that it all gets confusing sometimes. Jackie says they were told they needed a surgical consult, and Addison was the only one their doctor recommended. Addison takes her into a doctor's office.

Addison gives Jackie an ultrasound as she apologizes for blowing up at Naomi. She says she thought she was okay with everything, but it's been hard. She rambles but then notices that Addison's looking seriously at the ultrasound screen. She asks what's wrong, and Addison shows her something on the image that looks like nothing. She explains that it's a teratoma, a kind of tumor that has something to do with stem cells ending up where they don't belong. That's bad because, in this case, the tumor is taking over the baby's blood supply. Addison would like to operate, to try to separate the tumor from the fetus. When Jackie asks if that will fix it, Addison says it's not that simple: Sometime it doesn't work. But without surgery, the baby will die. Jackie says she'll do it since this is Jane's only chance at a baby. Addison discloses that she'll need to perforate the uterus to do the surgery, which can affect Jackie's ability to carry another child. She tells Jackie to talk it over with Jane and her husband, but her husband left because he didn't like she and Jane having each other's babies. But Jackie can't do it, because she believes her husband will come back and they've always wanted a big family. So Addison recommends terminating the pregnancy. Jackie asks if the baby's going to die in the womb if she does nothing, and Addison says it is. Jackie thinks it's best to do nothing then, and not tell Jane that she chose to do nothing. Addison says Jane has a right to know, but Jackie points out Addison can't tell her since she's Addison's patient.

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