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Indecision 2009

Pacific Wellcare. Pete's carrying a box when Naomi comes in and he tells her she looks like someone "shredded" her. He assumes it was Violet. She doesn't answer, but tells him to remind her never to go upstairs again. She says she didn't talk to Violet, though, and wonders if he's going to again. He says he tried and she's not going to listen, so now Katie's going to walk as "not guilty by reason of insanity." This pisses Pete off, because Katie's guilty and he thinks that six months in a nut farm and some meds is unacceptable punishment after what she did. Pete says he got on the stand and explained the wound, but without Violet explaining it to the jury, they'll never understand. Naomi says maybe it's too traumatic for Violet, but he says she's just going to continue to be stuck then, and he'll have a son whose mother doesn't care about him and is missing everything. Naomi says Violet just needs time, and Pete says she can have as much as she wants because he's done.

Back at Oceanside, Sam's in Violet's office and she wonders if Cooper put him up to this. He says they're all concerned for her, but she wonders why she has to relive this to make sure Katie gets punished. Sam says this isn't about Katie; it's about her. Violet agrees, which is why she doesn't want to sit there for eight or ten hours reliving it with Katie staring at her, but Sam asks if she isn't reliving it anyway. Sam knows facing her is hard, but Violet says being on the same planet with Katie is hard. He's cool with chipping in to send her to the space station, one way. A nurse comes in to tell Violet that someone's there to see her: Mr. Kent, who said to tell Violet he's Katie's father. Sam asks the nurse to give him a second with Violet please, and as she starts to hyperventilate, he asks what she'd tell a patient in this situation to do. Sam says he's going to sit in a chair looking at her, and all she has to do is sit and blink if she needs him.

Katie's father sits with Violet and tells her how horrifying it was to hear what Pete found. He says he can't apologize enough and he starts crying. Violet passes him tissues, as he tells her that she helped Katie. Violet points out that if that were true, they wouldn't be sitting here. He goes on that Katie couldn't stop talking about Violet, and how she knew how much she wanted a baby and was helping her. Then he pleads, "If that jury sends her to prison, she'll disappear." Uh, yeah, that's sort of the point and exactly what Violet wants. He says the illness will eat Katie alive in prison. Violet wonders why he's here, and he says Katie wants to see Violet and talk to her, since she's the only person who understands. Violet turns to Sam and blinks. Commercials.

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