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Indecision 2009

Sam's filling in Cooper, who's too busy being upset that Violet talked to Sam instead of him to actually listen to what Sam's saying. Sam says Violet's terrified of facing Katie, and Coop's like, "That's the revelation?" But Sam goes on to tell him that Katie's dad showed up, but he doesn't know what was said since as soon as he left, Violet went to hide in the ladies room. Charlotte interrupts then, wanting to talk to Sam, not Coop. In the hall, Charlotte tells Sam how amazing she is: great doctor, cash to buy in, great ideas, and chief at the hospital. She wonders why he's stalling, and he says he doesn't think she's the right fit here, since everyone else is friends and respects each other and gets along. She guesses that's why Naomi and Pete couldn't get out of here fast enough. He changes arguments, saying they want someone calm, who's great with patients, and Charlotte barks, "Oh. You want Naomi?" Sam doesn't want to be mean, but he just doesn't like Charlotte. She wonders what that has to do with anything. But Addison interrupts with a loud "ahem," sending Charlotte dashing off. Addison needs to talk about Jackie and Jane.

Charlotte bursts into the ladies room, and rants to Violet about how stupid it is that feelings have anything to do with anything. Violet just continues rubbing water on her face. Charlotte says, "If something needs doing, you just do it. Otherwise, what good are you?" Not really talking about Violet, but she gets the message. Addison's apparently brought Sam up to speed in an office, because he doesn't like what Jackie's going to do to Jane either. Addison hates that the baby's sick, that Jackie won't let her try to fix it, that she's lying to Jane, and that Naomi's caught up in it again. Sam says they're all caught up in it if the baby dies, because the settlement they made is based on both babies being born alive. If that doesn't happen, they're facing a malpractice suit, so lying to Jane is going to make it worse. Addison wants to ask Naomi, but Sam points out that they're already mad at her and if they sense she's been involved, they'll go after her first in litigation. Shouldn't they care more about protecting their practice than protecting Naomi? Or is that too selfish of me?

Sports bar. Pete and Coop are drowning their sorrows, which consists of Cooper filling Pete in on Katie's dad coming and Violet not spilling about it. But Pete didn't get a babysitter so he and Coop could talk about Violet. Cooper says they can talk about his "benefactor," Charlotte. Poor Cooper. His rich girlfriend is really a problem. He says he loves being emasculated. And, really, who doesn't? Cooper doesn't want to talk about Charlotte, either, so he asks Pete to bet on the game. Pete wonders if Cooper loses does he collect from Charlotte?

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