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Indecision 2009

Sam and Addison are eating Chinese food and drinking on one of their back balconies, as Sam says Charlotte's face showed feelings when he told her he didn't like her. Who knew? Addison: "Cooper." She tells him he shouldn't have done that, and he says she backed him into a corner and he ran out of other excuses. Addison says they should hire Charlotte, because she likes her check, she likes moving forward, she likes Charlotte's specialty, and she likes that it would make Cooper happy. Addison says fine, and then Naomi comes over looking for Addison. She says she's interrupting when she sees them, and this awkward moment really makes me think Addison and Sam are going to end up having something romantic soon enough. Which I really don't like. Sam says he's just leaving, but Naomi starts in that Jane came to see her. She told Naomi she thinks something's wrong with the baby and that Addison and Jackie are lying to her. Addison doesn't say anything, so Naomi goes on that she knows she's supposed to be out of this, but Jane is freaking out. Addison says there is a problem, and Sam butts in, "That we can't tell you about." Naomi asks lots of questions that no one answers and Addison says this is ridiculous, since they're all in this together and so they all sink or swim. She tells Naomi what's wrong with the baby, and that Jackie won't be operated on. Naomi says they have to do something, and she thinks if they can get her into a room with Jackie, she can get her to change her mind. Sam shakes his head, but you know Addison's going to let her anyway.

Violet arrives at a prison and is led down a hallway into a room where Katie's sitting at a table in an orange jumpsuit. Katie thanks her for coming and says she's on her meds, so she's herself. Violet's heard. She asks what Katie wanted, and Katie asks how she is. Then Katie gets teary as she apologizes to Violet and asks her to tell her she knows it wasn't her who did that, because she needs Violet to know she's not a monster. She wants Violet to testify, since the jury looks at her like she's a monster. Because Violet's testimony will help that how, exactly? Violet basically asks the same thing. Katie thinks the jurors will know, if Violet testifies, that she was crazy that night. Violet says she'd avoid prison, and Katie says she won't get help in prison. Not sure the lady you cut open is going to care all that much about you getting help, crazy. Katie doesn't ever want to be crazy again, because she's scared of the person who did that. She says it's not about avoiding punishment, but she needs help. Violet cries and tells Katie she gutted her like a pig and ripped her baby out of her body. She says, "You left me there to bleed to death, and now I should be on your side? I should care about how sorry you are? I should give a damn about what happens to you? You made my life hell. You made me crazy. And now you want a free pass? FROM ME!" She leaves, and Katie hollers, "Please, Dr. Turner," after her. Yeah, good luck with that one.

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