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Birth and Death in the Same Episode

Naomi's once again outside Maya's room, watching the new family: Maya asleep, Dink holding the baby. Fife comes up and Naomi says Maya's so strong, and she doesn't know when that happened. Then she says that Dell spent the whole day taking care of Maya, and no one looked at him or talked to him. He asks if he should explain why she can't beat herself up for this, and she says no. Then she goes to call William, but he asks her to sit down and tells her William's not coming back. Addison finds Pete staring in another window at Violet holding Betsey, who's fallen asleep. He says that her aunt is flying down from Portland to get her. What's with all of Chris Lowell's characters being from the Portland area, anyway? Addison tells Pete that Violet's ready, and he agrees, but she's talking about being ready for him, not for Lucas. She tells him it's okay, that they'll always be there for each other, but he and Violet love each other. They kiss, like friends, and she leaves him. He watches her sort of sadly, as she walks away.

Cooper finds Charlotte in her office. She says there's a lot of paperwork before she can go, and he asks if he can hang out while she does that. He tells her it was kind of a crappy day for proposing. She cries a little and says it's not exactly the story you want to tell. He wants the ring back so he can ask again tomorrow. When she wonders if he just wants to get out of it, he says, "Woman, you are everything I never knew I wanted." Hey, Fools Rush In called. It wants its cheesy dialogue back. He says he can't live without her, and she gives the ring back. They're both tearful, and she says she'll say yes when he asks again.

Violet's still with Betsey in the waiting room, who's asleep on the couch, when Pete comes in and holds her hand. She smiles at him and then takes his hand, too. Addison watches, and Sheldon comes up. She tells him that's what's supposed to be, and asks if he's buying her level-headedness. He isn't. Then he asks if there's a reason he's everyone's second choice. She says she's in the same boat. He tells her it's different for her, because she knows what she wants and if she loves the guy, "for God's sake, don't let him get away." Cut to Addison, who's let her hair down on the beach. She walks into Sam's, where he's on the couch. She asks if he makes her happy, and he says yes. She says he makes her happy, too, then strips off her dress and climbs on top of him. Because all that matters to her is sex, I guess. Now that everyone's either happy or dead, what could happen next season? And does anyone care?

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Private Practice




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