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Charlotte's office. Violet comes in and says Bride's in her office crying and won't leave until Erection talks to her. Charlotte dismisses it, saying he doesn't want to speak to her, but Violet says Charlotte's going to have to get him to. Charlotte gets that Violet's a meddler, but she'd prefer she stay away from her patient. Violet says they use a team approach here. Whatever. Violet is the worst team player in history. She says these people's lives are shattered, and Charlotte asks who's the one who got Bride to open up and cause this. Violet sits down and says Charlotte's afraid of getting to know her patients, so she puts on the tough act so she won't have to feel what they're feeling. Charlotte wonders if this is the part where she breaks out the Kleenex because Violet thinks her heart's darker than Texas coal. As if Violet's so warm herself. What about ABANDONING HER BABY? Violet yells that the patients come here for healing, and they listen and respond here. Charlotte says no, that's what Violet does here. Violet leaves and Charlotte looks thoughtful. Which is dumb, because she is right.

At the bar. Dawn hits on Pete and wonders why he isn't making the first move, then says that if his approach is not making the first move, it worked. She says Sheldon's nice and everything, but she has a weakness for guys who make her work for it. He looks at Sheldon and says she should try a nice guy instead. She asks if he realizes she wants to go with him, and then Sheldon walks up and asks what's up. Pete says she was just looking for him, and she says she was hoping they could grab a bite to eat. She goes to get her coat and Sheldon tells Pete it looks like he got the girl this time. Pete: "Yeah, it looks that way." Sheldon leaves with Dawn.

Charlotte's office. She tells Erection the good news: He's Flaccid now, and there's no damage. He's upset about his non-virgin wife. Charlotte tells him he might regret it if he walks, and he says no. So she tells him she's not warm or anything, but she's going to tell him this thing that might help. She says she was married once, to the first man she truly loved, and it was a fairytale and everything. He was amazing. They were amazing. She's teary as she says, "And then he did something stupid and thoughtless and mean," and she was not willing to forgive. So she left him and lives this whole other life now. She says it's good and fine, with her great guy. Her life's damn-near perfect, but every once in awhile she thinks about the fairytale thing she had and wonders what if. But now she'll never know, because when it got hard, she cut and ran. She says real life is hard, thoughtless, and mean, but that doesn't cancel out the love. She tells him that if he doesn't love the girl to walk away, but if he feels like she's the one, he owes it to himself to give her a second chance. So, the point of her story about how she left the guy who cheated and now has a perfect life was that she should have done it differently? That's so idiotic, and doesn't remotely make sense.

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