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Two Dunces and a Dink

Naomi storms into Sam's office and says she almost killed his child today, and he would have had to help bury the body if she had. She says Maya was dressed like a slut, but he just wants to reminisce about Maya being cute, but Naomi says this isn't and she's not. Sam: "You almost killed her, right?" He tries to play it down, but Naomi says she's not letting their daughter turn into a snot-nosed, private-school kid who thinks she can do whatever she wants." I wish she'd added, "I mean, come on, we're not raising Addison." Sam thinks that's not Maya, but Naomi says they don't know her, since she's hiding things. She doesn't know if it's more than the skimpy clothes, but she's going to dig through Maya's things until she does know.

Cooper's with a mother of six children (wearing a dress and a hairkerchief, so we know she's not like everyone else) who says she's "great." He's skeptical, and says she's allowed to complain. She admits she gave up on sleep long ago. She says it's her husband, Shimmon. He's not interested in sex. Cooper says that happens, but it passes. She thinks it's not proper to talk to him about it, though, and she doesn't think he can help. So he finds Violet. But when he asks for her help, she makes it about her and asks if someone were admiring his ass, would it be flattering or get him aroused? He wonders if they're talking about him or her, and she says him, since he needed help. He explains the mother's problem and Charlotte interrupts, asking Cooper if he forgot where her office was since this sounds like a referral for her, not Violet. The two ladies debate whether this is a physiological or emotional problem. Violet says she'd like to see the mom alone first, and Charlotte snarks that she thought they were all one big team here, or is that just when Violet wants in on other people's patients.

Addison has an awkward, booze-filled lunch with her father and comments on the fact that they can't talk without said booze. He enjoyed seeing her office, and would like to see her house. She says no, and wonders if he liked more at the office than Violet's ass. Then he asks if she has any interesting cases. She tells him about the baby surgery inside the womb. He tries to tell her how to do it, but she makes it clear she already knows. But she lets him talk.

Naomi gets home what must be early and finds her daughter on the couch with a boy. She slowly says, "I... don't know who you are." And it's not totally clear who she's talking to, but she adds, "But you should leave," so we know it's the boy. He gets up, sheepishly says "Yes, ma'am," and goes. Maya tries to talk as Naomi counts slowly. Maya keeps interrupting, and Naomi says she's trying to calm herself down. Then she orders Maya to call her father and tell him to come here now and save her life. Ooh, dramatic. Will she really kill Maya? That would be... different.

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