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Two Dunces and a Dink

Pete and the Captain are watching Addison perform surgery on Eleanor's baby. The Captain talks about the things he'd do differently, and Pete says he's learned not to second-guess her. The Captain thinks it's nice Pete's being protective and he can only imagine what Addison's said about him. Pete says she hasn't said much. The Captain wonders if they're close, and Pete says they are, but just as friends. He says, "I'm with Violet. Well, I was with Violet. Well, we recently had a baby together, so... well, I don't know what we are." The Captain looks like the sneaky jerk he is. Then the Captain tells a story about Addison cutting on a hot dog in the back of his classrooms as a kid. He compliments how good she's gotten at surgery since those days and encourages her even though she can't hear. We and the two guys watch Addison successfully complete the surgery. Everyone's impressed as Addison prepares to close.

Charlotte, Cooper and Violet talk to a rabbi, who tells them that it's a mitzvah: Married people are supposed to have sex, whether or not they're trying to have kids, and that Judaism is one of the few religions that promotes sex for pleasure. He tells Cooper if he'd come to shul more often, he'd learn lots of good things. Violet makes a TMI comment about how good sex is, and everyone in the room tries not to throw up. So they ask about birth control. He says destruction of the seeds is all about interpretation: Some people think having one boy and one girl is fruitful enough, but other are hard-liners. He says they could find a rabbi who would let them use birth control, but they sound like they want to live by the letter of the law.

The Captain finds Addison after surgery and tells her how magnificent she is and that he was glad to be there. She says she was glad to, and if he still wants to see her house, he can come over for a drink. Somewhere else, Sam and Maya eat ice cream. She loves hanging out with him, but wonders if he's going to pick her up from school every day. She knows she should have told Mom about Dink, but she's so judgmental. Sam: "Hey! She's supposed to be. We both are." Maya thinks Sam would really like Dink, who she says is amazing. He agrees he should meet him and she says he'll think Sam's cool just like all her friends do. He makes a deal with her that if she tells him everything, he'll treat her like she knows right from wrong. She agrees and then he tries to prove how cool he is by saying something about her BFF making her LOL on her phone. She asks him please not to do that, and he realizes he's not that cool.

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