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Two Dunces and a Dink

Back in the hospital, Eleanor's okay and Pete shows them another ultrasound. It looks perfect. Ronald can't believe he almost took it away from them, but Pete tells him he didn't; when things got hard, he acted like a father. Addison says she has to go -- because she's such a professional doctor and all that she can't be in the room with someone if the word father is mentioned? Whatever. Pete follows her out of the room, and asks if she wants to talk about it. She does, but she doesn't. So she blurts it: "My father slept with Violet." Pete looks sad, and Addison says, "I know."

Sam arrives home to find a party on his balcony. Maya's in a bikini, holding hands with Dink. He comes out and yells. Another guy tells Sam he got the beer from his fridge and hopes he doesn't mind. Dink introduces himself, and Sam says he knows who he is and to get out of the house. He tells Maya to go put on some clothes. He tells everyone the party's over and not to bother cleaning up. Maya's like, "Daddy, can I just...?" He turns and yells, "This party is over!" [Taye Diggs would have made a great Mace Windu. - Zach]

Pete gets in the elevator of well-timed meetings, where Violet's already on board. He looks at her, and you can see she can see that he knows. He turns around and doesn't face her. She asks if he wants her to explain. He says no, but she does anyway. It's all about how things happen for a reason and you sometimes don't see them coming or even think they could come. She hopes he's not upset, because she's not ashamed. She's hopeful. He turns and says, awesomely, amazingly, thankfully, "Stop talking, Violet. You're talking as if I care. As if it concerns me. But what you do, I don't care anymore. I'm done." Elevator dings and he leaves. She stays on it, apparently too shaken by his actions to move. That's right. By his actions. I hate her.

Charlotte and Violet tell Shimmon and Hairkerchief that there are lots of options available when they decide to use them, but this is ultimately a personal decision, not a medical one. She cries that that's it, and Shimmon comforts her, "Shayna." He and Charlotte leave, and Violet keeps her behind to tell her that Cooper told her how exhausted she is and she thinks she might be anemic, so she offers her birth control pills. Shayna asks if that's... and Violet says, "Among other things, it treats iron-deficient anemia." She tells her that she'll give it to her and if she feels like she needs it, that's up to her. As if it's that easy. You can't just take it once in awhile. It has to be every day and, oh, right, there's this little thing called a prescription. Or is Violet just going to keep giving them to her without a pharmacy visit? Anyway, Shayna nods and takes them. As she joins her family in the lobby, she pockets the pills. Cooper and Charlotte both see, and look relieved as they say goodbye to the huge family. Charlotte tells Cooper that sometimes you don't tell the person you love something, to protect them.

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Private Practice




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