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Cooper's stitching up a pre-teen's forehead, and we learn she's not a regular patient. Then the girl tells Coop that "Eli" doesn't trust him. Her parents explain it's her imaginary friend, so Cooper talks to him, and wins Eli over. She explains why she got picked on because she introduced Eli to some friends at school. Her dad, WHO IS A MORON, says "It's always the smart kids who get picked on." Right, because that's why she's getting picked on. After they leave, Cooper knocks on Sheldon's office and apologizes, but with Violet gone, he's the only psych consult around. Cooper explains the 11-year-old with an imaginary friend, which Sheldon thinks is a little odd, since she's too old for that. Cooper says she just moved here and is scared and shy, and could use some help fitting in. Sheldon has a cancellation, so they set it up. Sheldon then tries to apologizes for the uncomfortable issue of Charlotte, but Cooper says he knows Charlotte and she's not interested in Sheldon, but just using him to get to Coop. Sheldon asks if it occurred to him that she actually likes him, and Cooper looks him up and down a little and says, "No." As if Cooper's such a hottie.

Naomi makes one of her regular visits to Addison's office, and they talk about how they hate their lives. Addison hates that she has to terminate two triplets at twenty weeks, but there are no other options. Then she offers Naomi chocolate (which she refuses, weirdly) as Naomi says her current lover's making her go to dinner with the man who wants to be her future lover. "I am a whore." Addison says that's not exactly walking the streets. Naomi says they're ganging up on her about a drug protocol, but the dinner with Fife doesn't feel like that kind of dinner; it feels dirty. She wonders why she can't be happy with what she has. Then Addison tells the story of the woman mistaking Lucas for hers, and how she isn't going to fall in love with Pete's kid. Naomi says she is, and Violet's not available but Addison is, and she likes Pete. Addison says she does. A lot. Naomi asks if there's any reason Addison and Pete can't be together and be happy, and Addison starts watching Sam kiss his girlfriend in the hall. Naomi turns around, and asks if that's the new girlfriend. Then says he seems to like her, and she's happy he's happy. Sam brings Vanessa in, and introduces her to Naomi. But she's there to see Addison, since Angie and Simon (that's bio Mom and bio Dad) called her for a second opinion about Kayla.

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