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Everyone is surrounded around Kayla's hospital bed. And by everyone, I mean, her husband, bio Mom and Dad, Addison, and Vanessa. Angie and Simon plead with her, since Vanessa said it's safe, but the husband disagrees and Addison is with him: She can't risk her life for this. Angie cries, which is stupid, because they'd still get a baby. Vanessa tells them they'd get the best surgeon and it would be the best outcome. Addison says she understands why they want to keep the babies, but her unequivocal opinion is this is not the right course. She glares at Vanessa.

Sheldon finds Cooper after his meeting with Maggie, and says Coop's right to be concerned. He thinks Maggie's schizophrenic, not because she talks to her imaginary friend, but because she thinks he's real, and eleven-year-olds are old enough to know the difference. Cooper thinks the parents would have noticed, but Sheldon wants to put her on anti-psychotics. He thinks it's her best shot at a normal life, but Cooper thinks it will alter her brain while it's still developing. Sheldon points out Cooper came to him for help, so he should let him do that.

Angie finds Addison at the hospital and tells her about all the things she tried to do to have babies: vitamins, IVF, miscarriages. Addison tells her there are other options, and she screams, "This is my other option!" AS IF THE ONE BABY WOULDN'T BE ENOUGH. Addison purses her lips, but Angie seems to break through a little bit when she tells her she's already named all the babies and bonded with them. She says this is her last chance. Addison says she gets it, but she can't do what Angie wants, because she has to do what's right for Kayla.

Maggie's parents are getting Sheldon's diagnosis, and the dad immediately disagrees. He says it's not possible. She's smart, and colors. He asks his wife to tell them about what she does, but the wife's quiet. Too quiet, so we all know she's seen the signs. Sheldon says this isn't a condemnation of Maggie, and the dad says she invented a friend as a coping mechanism. Sheldon says that would be true if she'd invented Eli, but he's not her creation. The mom asks Cooper what he thinks, and he says that Sheldon knows what he's talking about, so they should listen to him. Sheldon says if they don't deal with this, it could become destructive. The dad sort of freaks out about how wrong they are, and how they're not sending his daughter away or calling her crazy. He thanks them for their time and storms out. The mom sticks behind and apologizes, but then follows him out.

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