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Sheldon arrives at the elevator, and Addison actually accosts him, all, "Hey, Sheldon!" She pretends it's a coincidence, all jittery, then they get on and she pulls the emergency lock. Sheldon: "I had a feeling." She rambles about Pete and the baby, and Sam, who has Vanessa. Sheldon says he has an office, but she tells him to focus. She asks if she's stupid or a bad person, because of the great guy and the great baby. She thinks Vanessa might not be a bad person, but she's a bad doctor for disagreeing with Addison. She says she has no right to have feelings for Sam. She asks Sheldon to say something shrinky, even snapping her fingers. He tells her she has mommy issues because of her lesbian mother. She asks what to do, and he says that if she won't come to his office, she needs to choose without drama and without hurting anyone. She asks how, and he tells her it's time to grow the hell up. She says okay, and then lets the elevator go. She only then asks what happened to his eye. Because she's that self-absorbed.

Maggie's mom is back at Oceanside. She notices Cooper's lip, and he says it's from a basketball game. Then she tells him her husband doesn't know she's there, but she doesn't agree with him, because things have gotten worse in the past year. She tells a story about Maggie sitting on her bed staring out the window. She went and made dinner and did laundry, and two hours later, Maggie hadn't moved an inch. She says she's slipping away from her and Joe refuses to see it, but she thinks Sheldon's right. But she doesn't know what to do.

Pete tells Naomi he and Addison had a fight, and Naomi tells him to give her the benefit of the doubt, since she's biased toward her best friend. William interrupts, because he wants to hear about last night and hopes Naomi doesn't hold a grudge about him sticking her with Fife. She says Fife was "persistent." He walks away, and Pete's like, "You like him." Naomi, who's obviously thinking about Fife, is like, "William? Yeah. We're dating." Pete asks how well he knows him, and she says, "Well enough. Why?" No reason. At Oceanside, Sam and Addison are talking in the break room about whether she talked to Pete yet, when Naomi walks in. They look at her, and she pauses as if it doesn't look innocent, but they're standing two feet from each other. Naomi actually says, "What?" And Addison says she and Sam were discussing a case. Why lie? They were talking about Pete. Naomi says she wants to talk to her about some William-Fife stuff, but Sam gets a page about Kayla, so they head to the hospital. When they arrive, Vanessa and Kayla's husband are there. The husband's freaking out, wondering if his wife's going to be okay. Addison asks for an OR to be prepped so she can reduce the pregnancies and try to save Kayla.

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Private Practice




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