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Brief cut of surgery. Just long enough for us to see Kayla crash and Addison call in a crash cart.

Fife wants to talk to Naomi about the drug protocol, which Naomi was just thinking about. She somehow was thinking about Maya, and about how horrible this disease is. She says if it were someone she loved, she'd want them on it. She says his protocol looks good, so if Fife and William are okay with it, she's in. Fife nods slowly, and Naomi says she thought he'd be happy. He says he is, but he's not sure he and William are right, unless they do this the right way. "What can I say? You're rubbing off on me." He starts to leave, but she calls him back by using his first name: Gabriel, if you don't recall. She walks over and asks him to raise the chair. Higher, higher, and higher, until he's taller than her. He asks what, and she gets stuttery, all, "I just... I, uh." Then she kisses him. And it's pretty much awesome, though he doesn't seem as into it as he should, considering he confessed his love last week.

Post-surgery, Addison finds Kayla's husband and the bio parents in the waiting room. Husband asks if she's okay, and Addison says her heart stopped beating when the clot went into her brain, and it took them five minutes to get it started again. Vanessa stands there looking guilty. Addison says her brain was without oxygen, and there's no evidence of higher-level brain activity. So she's in a coma, on life support. Bio dad asks about the baby that's left, and Vanessa says they never got to the procedure, so all three babies are stable. Which means the babies will continue to grow as long as Kayla's on the ventilator. Husband yells at Angie and Simon, and at Vanessa, pointing out what Addison told them. He ends with "You killed my wife!" Vanessa's "I'm sorry" doesn't seem to be helping.

Strummy music by Sanders Bohlke plays as Maggie's parents sign forms for Sheldon and Cooper. We can't read them, but obviously they are signing them over to take her away and lock her up forever, duh. Wasn't that the point of all this? There's lots of hand-holding and hugging, and the family leaves together. Then Cooper apologizes to Sheldon for not believing him at first. Sheldon says he had never struck another person before yesterday. Cooper says it's not a bad right cross for a shrink. OMG, are they bonding over punching each other? Addison looks at Kayla and thinks about missing out on life, I guess, because she then gets all dressed in her prettiest clothes and finds Pete at Pacific Wellcare. She tells him she's tired of making the wrong choice, and wants to make the right one. "Maybe I could be in love with you, too."

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