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Sheldon shows up at Charlotte's again. She glares. Again. He tells her he's sorry about last night, showing up and being a dork. And he says he was juvenile, and she's a beautiful woman, which made him insecure. She tells him to shut up, and pulls him in and starts kissing him. I don't like it. Sam finds Addison in her office, looking sad. He asks if she's okay about Kayla, and she says this is her gloating. So, okay, she went from making the right choice with Pete to being all sad and pouty alone in her office. How, exactly? Anyway, whatever. I get that it was necessary to get us to where we're heading. Sam sits down and says he's sorry, and she says she is too. She really is, because being right isn't much fun. She asks how Vanessa is, and he says she's okay. Addison's glad, because we all make bad calls. "You and I were a bad call." He agrees. She tells him she talked to Pete and told him they're going to try and see if it works. She says she's trying to grow the hell up and be happy. He wants her to be happy. She wants him to be happy, too. They hold hands and then snuggle. And, of course, just then, Naomi walks in. She gets all stammery and says she came up here to tell Addison what happened today, but it seems all the real action is up here. Addison says not at all, and Sam says, "Nothing ever happened." Addison immediately fesses up, "We kissed, but you have to believe me when I tell you..." Naomi: "Shame on you." Okay, now it's getting good, right? This had to happen and get all out there, so Addison can actually choose the guy she wants instead of the guy she's allowed to have. And I still think she'll choose Pete. Weirdly, there's a preview for next week's episode, which is a repeat from October.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, thinks asking a surrogate to carry triplets is a little excessive. You can contact her at

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