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Oh, Grow Up!
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Addison and Naomi recap what happened last week on her pretty deck at night. Archer had parasites in his brain, but now he's fine. Naomi says, "All parts are working," but Addison is creeped out. Naomi says everything is good, and she thinks he's her boyfriend. But she hasn't talked to him about this, because that would be a little too grown-up and mature for these 40-year-olds. Addison gets up to go inside for more wine, and she finds Archer making out with a random girl by the door. Addison freaks out, and the lady's all, "Is this your wife? Are you married?!" Addison says no, but that he has a girlfriend who is here. Then she tells the lady she's sure she's nice - if a little old to be getting felt up in the foyer - but she should leave now. She calls Archer a whore. Her phone rings, and it's Dell, who needs Addison. Archer and Naomi are okay with that, though, because they're all lovey-dovey and making out as Addison leaves.

At Oceanside, Dell's apologizing for calling Addison in; he thought he could handle this one alone. But Addison just encourages him (I sort of love their relationship). They are delivering a baby for Anya and Lt. Daghlian. As soon as the baby's born, Addison gets all serious and worried as she examines it. Of course! It's a demon baby, right? Anya and Daghlian ask what's wrong, and Addison tells them she isn't sure if it's a boy or a girl. Sunny opening credits. I love how the sunshine of these opening credits always follows something tragic and sad.

After credits, Addison and Dell explain that Anya and Daghlian gave birth to a hermaphrodite. They try to make it sound all peaceful and okay, but the parents are clearly freaking. Addison says they'll run tests and get Naomi to consult. Daghlian is upset because he doesn't know what to tell people, since this is supposed to be their son, Matthew.

Sonya and Sam are in bed, all hot and heavy, when she asks why he went to Seattle. She thinks it's strange he'd go to be there for his ex-wife, who actually seems to have it all together from where Sonya's standing. He lamely explains. She says, "Okay," and when he asks if it really is, she tells him it's great that he has managed the impossible: maintaining a good relationship with his ex. They decide to go again. See how there's sex here? This is the Private Practice that I know and don't really love.

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