Fall Pilot Season: Privileged

by Lauren Gitlin September 10, 2008
Privileged Premiere

Megan chases her out of the bathroom, but before she can grab Sage and give her the pummeling she deserves, Laurel grabs her and begins introducing her around to the assembled mover-shakers. Because again, a rich, powerful philanthropist throwing a charity event attended by the rich and powerful members of genteel society would go to great lengths to make sure the tutor she hired two days prior met all the important people she'd invited to her party. And scene!

Early impressions? Much as this show relies on a pastiche of clich├ęd plots including, but not limited to, Cinderella, Ugly Betty, Clueless, The Devil Wears Prada and every chick flick Kate Hudson's ever been in, the dialogue is not only believable but clever and peppered with pop culture references that ring true. The first episode alone laid out at least a dozen potential plotlines, many of which seem intriguing enough to sustain several seasons-worth of episodes. And already I'm in love with token villainess Sage, who might well give Blair Waldorf a run for her money for the title of rich evil bitch-on-wheels. I don't know about you guys, but I'm totally tuning in next week!

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